Wednesday, July 2, 2014

11 amazing DIY ideas to recycle old CDs

                                  diy crafts old cds

     Nowadays, science develops with quick steps, and we have to get rid of things we don't use anymore, such as CDs. But why we should throw them away if we can give to old things a new life and purpose? Here are some inspirational ideas, you should absolutely try, on how to recycle old Compact Discs:

               1. This Simple Disco Ball

    (without crumbling the discs)

disco ball


               2. Photo frames

photo frame from cds


               3. These CD flat sculptures for wall decor

cd sculpture


               4. Sculptures for backyard

     This DIY project is not so easy, but the result worth this great effort and the time you spend on it. These sculptures are really amazing. The Australian artist Sean Avery is an expert in this domain (his sculptures are made from recycled materials). Sean is so cool.

cd crafts sculpture for backyardcd sculpture for backyard - do it yourselfsculpture from old cds art of recycling


              5. Lovely coasters

      costers made from old cds           Making coasters with old CDs


              6. Lampshades

        do it yoursef - cd lamp


              7. This cute earrings holder

craft - earrings holder


              8. Christmas accessories

do it yourself - christmas accessoriesHOLIDAY CRAFT IDEAS reuse old cd


              9. Rainfall shower

     I think his idea is great. It is beautiful. it is useful. it is cheap.

do it yourself - cd rainfall shower


             10. Creative clock

do it yourself - clock


             11. Mosaic

recycled cd mosaic pot


  1. Cool ideas!!! Thanks :)

    1. You are welcome. I'm glad you like this post :)

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