Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Spring decor

       It’s spring! A lovely season with colorful natural beauties…  When spring comes, we awake like all nature around. Invasion of colors will come with spring. And inspired of this we should try to reproduce a decor at least as nice for our homes.

        This spring the most common colors will be the purple, green, lemon yellow and blue. Also Radiant Orchid (color of 2014) is one of the most requested color of this spring, one of the most powerful and feminine colors. These spring colors fit any decorating style.
Textiles also have an enormous impact on décor. We can bring springlike atmosphere by using purple, yellow or red upholstery, maybe with some flowers or geometrical figures.

        For a very interesting visual effect we can use totally different color ranges (for example azure and yellow)
       Don’t forget about accessories. Of course, the best trick to obtain a springlike atmosphere in your home is to bring vases with flowers or poted flowers. Bouquets can be flowery with twigs, stones, shells, nuts or wedges. Other natural elements are stones. You can even put them in the same vase with flowers; it will enhance the freshness of the room. You can also use fruits, nuts, plates or baskets for a spring interior decor. They create a welcoming and friendly atmosphere.
                                          Till the next time my friends,

Sunday, March 23, 2014

“Polka dots” in interior design

     Merry, cheerful polka dots are sure to become the focal point of any room. There is no doubt that polka dots improve our mood. They can refresh a dull room. Dots provide visual depth and emotional interest decor. This is why they are recommended for small rooms.

     Nowadays you can see dots on many things. But do you know dear reader, the provenience of them on accessories, clothes and so on? I’m going to tell you the history of the splats in a couple of sentences, not to deviate from main theme.

     Fashion of the dots was on Polish immigrants in the early 1800s, which made known their dance Polka worldwide, and with it-dots items on their bulky dresses.  Since then, bullets were found on everything: clothes, hats, glasses, home accessories, even in art.

     Even if they are used in the interior in “small doses”, Polka dots also have the unique ability to make us happy just by looking at this pattern. Using this kind of decoration you can print it on walls, rugs, pillows, towels, shower curtains, kitchen curtains, sofas, chairs and armchairs, especially if the curtains and keep the same print.

     If we properly integrate them into the whole decor, splats can be found in almost any interior design style, except in the rustic, vintage or minimalist one. Also, depending on the size, density and color of the bullet, we can get a childish, male or female result.   

     If you want to cover smaller areas with dots, opt for decorative cushions, bedding, some photo frames, a vase or a small carpet.

                                                             Thank you for your attention,


Saturday, March 22, 2014

Great color combinations for interior design

Saturday, March 15, 2014

"Ghost" furniture

     We all need to live in a room with enough space for the necessary furniture. Unfortunately some of us don’t have large enough rooms. Therefore we feel the need to purchase furniture that provides the functional part, but not also aesthetics.

     This problem seems to have a solution with the appearance of "ghost" (transparent) furniture. Therefore, if you're looking to add some futuristic pieces of decor to your home interior, then these creatively transparent furniture pieces will definitely add elegance and freshness to your home even if it is small or it is large.

     The great advantage of the transparent furniture is that it easily adapts to any style of interior design, even to rustic style (though rarely used). Another big advantage I’ve mentioned above is that it "ignores" the size of the space, which is very important.

     Furniture with transparent elements is the latest trend in interior design. Because of this, designers use “ghost” furniture in any rooms - in offices, living rooms, dining rooms, even in children's rooms.

But if you do not dare to use large transparent objects, you can opt for some smaller “ghost” lamps, shelves, accessories, transparent storage containers etc.

                                                      Till the next time,

                                                               Doina :)

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Furniture arrangement - tips

       Even if it may seem like a strange exercise, consider the living space as a city with several major arteries and transpose this picture in the room you want to arrange. Depending on the areas that you will move on and leave about 1 meter wide for main access path, 50-60 inches in front of windows, stove or fireplace and 40-50 cm distance between furniture. Therefore, dimensions of furniture, reported to one another and then to room size, needs to create one harmonious space.


- If the door opens inwards, furniture should be located so as to allow its total opening.

- To create a feeling of intimacy is recommended to place the furniture in small groups and vice versa to give the feeling of lightness, leave big gaps between them.

- If the “purpose” of the room is fun, then furniture should be inserted and removed easily from the background without affecting its aesthetics.

- Between the sofa and chairs should be a space of 1.2 to 2 m.

- If you have a coffee table in front of the sofa, seat location will be typically 35-45 cm to it.

- The TV should be placed at a distance equal to three times the screen size.

- About 90 cm. are recommended for corridor traffic, but if you are part of a large family or have more children, it is advisable to dedicate more than 1.2 m.

- The ideal location of the bed is 60 cm from the wall, and between the bedroom door (the bathroom) and terminal edge of the bed is recommended for 90-92 cm space.


    Retain: all this dimensions depends first of all on your attitude about comfort.

                                       as always,

                                                     me :)

Thursday, February 20, 2014

VINTAGE doesn’t mean second hand

       It became so popular… but do we really understand what vintage means?

       First of all, you should know that vintage doesn’t mean second-hand, as many believe. The confusion stems from a misunderstanding of the term “vintage”. I agree that vintage means old, but vintage means at the same time quality. Because of this, the difference between the vintage and second hand stores represents the value of old work, implying that vintage items are not cheap - as most of us are tempted to believe.  Those who deal with trade vintage items are collectors and sellers of things not worn or used. They select and appreciate old things of quality (‘50s Bertoia chair, Victorian era furniture etc.).

       In interior design, vintage involves using valuable old pieces or new (but with “used” appearance) and antique finishes.

       Nowadays, the vintage style is very popular, both in fashion and interior design, because they offer pleasant atmosphere. This style is characterized by white, floral décor, a lot of decorative elements, but also what creates the perfect balance between these details. Walls can be painted, but the white image background with floral are a “must have”.

       Vintage style in interior design always gives an impression of creativity, elegance and sophistication. If you want to create a vintage style décor you may use wallpaper in unexpected places, for example in closets. “A great pattern or texture in small spaces can be a prodigious twist.” (Lindsay Coral Harper)

       Vintage represents lamps or candlesticks, curtains and blinds, cushions (that you can decorate by yourself using a vintage lace and pearls). Textiles are a key in creating a romantic vintage style. Use textiles to create a canopy over the bed, like a tablecloth or shelf decoration. Antique stores are the first you should scour them if you wish to make such an arrangement. There you will surely find a few elements that will contribute to your vintage decor: bedside tables, sofas, mirrors, coffee tables in different shapes.

       Other elements that characterize the vintage style are curved rounded forms, found both among furniture and accessories. Pastel shades and neutral colors also characterize such a setting. Lilac, lime, azure or cream colors are just a few suggestions that you can call.

       Other vintage objects: picture frames, dishes, fabrics, oil paintings etc. are characterized by quality and simplicity. To create a bohemian atmosphere that retains the appearance of a past time, it is recommended to have a relatively clutter.

       Now I can tell you a secret: vintage is my favorite interior design style and I really want to have my own little vintage-style reading room.

       What do YOU think about VINTAGE?

                                                                  Till the next time,

                                                                                              Doina :)

VINTAGE doesn’t mean second hand


Monday, January 6, 2014

Simple painting ideas for home

       This is my first post of this year and because of this I decided to make something inspiring, and who knows, maybe it will motivate and guide you the entire year. . .  This project is very easy, even a child can do it. There are no doubts, you will enjoy doing this painting by yourself. Therefore why not to have some fun, plus it would be a perfect décor for your home and putting it in a frame may be a nice gift for anyone.

              Things you will need:

  • White cardboard sheet
  • Some sheets of paper (not necessary colored)
  • Toothbrush
  • A stick
  • Paint (water paint)
  • Scissors, ruler, pencil

So, let's start

Cut the letters of a quote or somebody's name, anything you want

Arrange them on cardboard sheet

Put here some other details you want (in the reverse order in which it must be in the picture)

Now the most important thing you should know when making this:

- Put some paint on the brush

- Use the stick to spread the paint from toothbrush on your cardboard sheet. Move the stick from the bottom up (not vice versa) pressing the brush but not too hard. Be very attentively! First of all try on another sheet of paper to get accustomed and to make sure you didn’t put too much paint on the brush.

Now remove one sheet and begin spread again with another color

You can use some little details to make the painting more sophisticated

Remove sheets one by one. After each removing spread different colors on cardboard sheet

After removing the letters don’t spread paint again (the effect will be greater)

         Hope you did well ;)  If you have some questions you can ask me here

                             Endless love,