Wednesday, November 12, 2014

20 amazing DIY pallet coffee table

      One of the most important thing of the living room is the coffee table. A beautiful, creative coffee table can change the entire look of the room. And it doesn’t mean it have to be expensive. You can even make by yourself such kind of furniture using pallet. Wooden pallets have become a useful resource in home décor and design.

     The wood can be like new, rustic with patina, or somewhere in between. And, best of all (to the DIY world, at least), is their price. They are cheap and you can find them almost everywhere.

     There are so many ideas to apply on this project. If you’re able to find unusually colored or stained pallets, you can use them to create an exotic-looking coffee table, or you can even paint it by yourself. You can make small drawers for storage; you can make a pallet coffee table with a glass on top - it gives a modern look to your living room or terrace (a pallet table is functional for both indoors and outdoor use). The base can be decorated with flower vases etc.

    Depending on the type of wood pallets you use, you could create similar coffee tables with more or less rusticity to match your design style.

   These beautiful themed pieces of furniture are easy to make and they are also fun and interactive projects:

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Most Expensive Piece of Furniture Ever Sold

The badminton chest the most expencive piece of furniture

     This piece of art was crafted by 30 craftsmen. It was made in Florence, Italy and it was commissioned by the 3rd Duke of Beaufort, Henry Somerset when he was 19 years old (1726). The Ebony Cabinet Chest received its nickname “Badminton Chest” due to the fact that this expensive furniture was residing in the village of Badminton in England for nearly two centuries.

     It was sold in 2004 to the Prince Hans Adam II of Liechtenstein, and nowadays it is situated in the Liechtenstein Museum.

     This cabinet also has impressive dimensions - almost four meters high and two and a half wide.

How do you think, how many time it took for craftsmen do create such a beautiful and expensive cabinet?

  1. 6 months
  2. 3 years
  3. 6 years

     The answer is c) it took 30 experts six years to complete it.

     It is the most expensive piece of furniture ever sold at auction. The price of “Badminton Cabinet” is 36.700.000$.

     Why it is so expensive? The entire frame of the cabinet has been given a generous fill of gold and wooden ornaments. It is inlaid with amethyst, quartz, agate, lapis, lazuli and other stones. Those who have an appetizing desire on antiquities need to see this creation.

     I am absolutely sure that this cabinet worth it’s price!


Sunday, October 12, 2014

23 Alcove Beds You Will Love

alcove beds

       Alcove beds are a great solution for those who want to save space. Moreover, an alcove bed is perfect for relaxing, reading books, afternoon naps etc. It gives you privacy that sometimes we need in order to get rid of stress.

       I don’t have an alcove bed but it is one of my desire, because there are times when solitude is your best friend. Especially I would like an alcove bed that has a window with view. So, I imagine myself lying in an alcove bed, reading a book or listening good music. I think it’s a great place to stay in this fall.

       You can build bookcases inside alcove

       Children adore feel like they are in a hut, that they have a little “hideout”, that’s why an alcove bed is a great idea for children’s room.

       Alcove beds are amazingly cozy and create a very intimate space for you and your darling….

alcove beds
alcove beds
alcove beds
alcove beds
alcove beds
alcove beds
alcove beds
alcove beds
alcove beds
alcove beds
alcove beds
alcove beds
alcove beds
alcove beds
alcove beds
alcove beds
alcove beds
alcove beds
alcove beds
alcove beds
alcove beds
alcove beds
alcove beds

Thursday, October 2, 2014

9 Simple Ways to Refresh Your Room

Fresh Home Decor

     Sometimes we feel uncomfortable in our own house. Why this happens? Maybe there is not a balance, the colors are too gloomy and you need some bright accessories… try to find the problem.


  1. Clean your room

       This is the first rule you have to know. Don't throw your things or drop them on the carpet or bed. Try to use hangers or laundry basket for your clothes and some decorative boxes for your books or some accessories. It will also help you to be more organized.

Remember: less is more. Too many accessories can make the room feel chaotic. Minimalism is better in this case..


  1. Go Green!

        Place some flower vases in your room. Plants are essential for a successful interior. Aromatic herbs in a kitchen window box will be a good choice.


  1. Let it shine

       Install different types of lighting throughout the room. Add accent lighting to set the mood. Use multiple lights towards the ceiling and walls. This reflected light provides a soft glow.

Don’t forget about candles. When you want to create a cheerful atmosphere, just light some candles.


  1. Change fabrics and textiles.

       Lighten up your house by changing heavy fabrics for airy ones. Take down your old drapes and replace them with an open weave such as chiffon or organza. Change out dark throw pillows by adding bright colors or even modern, floral patterns.


       5. Remember the Power of White Paint

"White reflects light, so it sends off a wonderful energy, a prism of color that you aren't necessarily aware of," says designer Susan Noble Jones.


       6. Make a Colorful Statement in the Entry

First impressions count. This is why I think you have to make something extraordinary in entry halls. You can obtain such an effect by using really creative wallpapers.


  1. Decorate with what you love

A perfect house for you is a house that contains things that make you happy and satisfied. That’s why you have to decorate as you want!


  1. Hang a Picture or Painting

       It is the simplest of all DIY home-improvement projects. In fact, it’s almost impossible to do it wrong. Just place a colourful piece of art on a gloomy wall...


9. Reuse, Replace, Recycle

      Being eco-friendly is essential. Make your own contribution to saving our planet while saving money. Reuse your old furniture, frames etc.


Sunday, September 14, 2014

10 Unique Chairs

     Today I'm going to show you an amazing list with extraordinary pieces of furniture. I have a particular attachment for graceful chairs. Chairs are an extremely important element of your house. This thing can determine the style of your entire room...
     They are elegant, stylish and fine:

          Cross legged chair

cross legged unique pink chair

          Ghost chair

transparent chair

          Infinity wood chair

infinity wood chair

          Infinity chair

infinity white chair

          Hanger chair

hanger unique chair for hall

          Shadow chair

illusion shadow chair

          Thread chair

thread unique chair

          Cactus chair

glass transparent cactus chair

          Stub chair

wooden stub chair

          Stick branch chair

stick branch unique chair