Tuesday, March 29, 2016

11 Brilliant Ideas To Repurpose A Crib

          If your baby outgrown the crib, remember that before you relegate it to the attic or the dump, you may repurpose the crib and give it new life beyond the nursery. Here are 11 ideas of creating something totally new and useful from something rather unconventional.

1. Into a Desk


2. A Baby Gate


3. A Lovely Bench


4. A "Flying Bed" For Your Patio


5. A Comfortable Chair


6. Organizing Board for Crafts, Fabrics And Tools


7. This Cute Chalkboard Easel


8. Turn A Crib Into A Reading Nook For Your Child


9. Little Wagon For Children


10. Books And Magazines Display


11. Towels Hanger

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Ideas For Small Bathroom


     A functional bathroom is the key for a comfortable, storage-friendly home.

     The elements of small bathroom should have a purpose and be functional.

     Opt for space-saving furniture with shelves and drawers.

     Sink skirts looks great, plus they hide your cleaning products.Planyour color palette. Use neutral colors to make your bathroom look aesthetically pleasing.You may use some patterns to add depth.

     But you can use and bright colors as accents. Add pops of color using colorful towels, rugs, mirror frame, stylish soap dishes and other accessories.

Monday, February 22, 2016

12 Ways To Make A Small Space Look Bigger

  • Paint with Light Hues such as white, cream, pale colors. The fact is that dark colors absorb light but light colors reflect it making the room look bigger.


  • Paint your ceiling in dark color. You can opt even for a pop color. While pale colors on walls “opens” your space, a dark ceiling creates the illusion of high ceiling and add depth. It will also drive the eye upward.


  • Use mirrors. Everybody knows that the reflection makes a room look bigger.


  • Colors of drapes you choose should be the same as the color of your walls. This trick will make your room look bigger. You can also opt for sheer drapes.


  • Lighting is another important factor in making your space look bigger. Opt for overhead lights because they spread the light around.


  • Don’t forget that natural light best opens your space. Take advantage of it.


  • Another way to create the illusion of spaciousness is to choose the furniture with exposed legs instead of a sofa with skirt or an armchair without legs.


  • Leave some sections on shelves empty. Don’t fill up every exposed storage place. There are no doubts that leaving empty spaces will give your small room an airy look.


  • Choose a dining table that can be made smaller or larger so you can make it smaller when it is not in use. Such kind of furniture is ideal for small spaces.


  • Pushing furniture up against the wall makes everything look and feel cramped. Even just few inches in between the wall and your bigger items can make the space look more open.


  • Opt for striped fabric or rugs to make your room look longer. If you don’t enjoy stripes choose fabrics with small prints or even plain colors. This will visually expand your room.


  • There exists a color code for accessories and your favorite items in small spaces. Arrange them by color and height. Doing this, you will turn the clutter into a creative arrangement with personality.

Thursday, February 18, 2016

15 Cozy Reading Nooks


     A reading nook is a little hiding place where we can rest reading a book or meditating. It’s a perfect place for resting and reading without being too excluded from the rest of the home.

     Transform any area into a reading nook.


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  • Thursday, February 11, 2016

    20 Clever Ways To Store And Display Your Books


         Everyone who loves reading knows how difficult is to organize all books and to store them properly. If you want it to look stylish, you can sort them by size or by color. Opt for alternative book storage solutions and create the most amazing home library. Follow these tips and you will be proud to show your book collections.

    • First of all – measure! The length between shelves shouldn’t be higher than the length of books you want to display. Leave no more than 2 cm… Therefore you’ll be able to store more books on the shelves
    • If you have enough space, use an entire wall for installing bookshelves from floor to ceiling
    • Opt for a tiered book rack. It will show your books off like they’re works of art
    • Use a coffee table with incorporated shelves
    • If you don’t want to expose your books, choose a shelf curtain to hide them
    • Use book crates and book bins that will help you stay organized and will give an interesting look to your interior
    • Frame a window seat with bookshelves
    • Look for couches with built-ins
    • Place a bookshelf behind your bed. It will double as a headboard and storage
    • If you have an extra closet, bring there your books. You can even make there a reading nook
    • Keep them in an old, non-functioningfireplace. You will give a rustic look to your house and won’t waste space
    • Original-shaped bookshelves.Kids will love storing their books on this tree-shaped shelf
    • When in doubt, floor-to-ceiling built-in shelves are great for getting in the maximum amount of storage
    • Use fabric hanging storage. You can make them by yourself  by combining some fabric with interesting pattern and a wood stick or a metal bar
    • If your book shelves bored you, paint them. Choose a bright, pop color and stay inspired all the time
    • Staircase represents a great place for bookshelves. Storing books on the stairs if funny and entertaining. Your kids will be excited
    • Opt for dark balanced pipe shelf. It is cheap and very creative; plus it looks unique and stylish.
    • Usually, spaces at the top of stairways are just wasted space. We don’t thing about designing them properly and leave them as they are. However we should install there a comfortable cushy bench for reading and a lot of bookshelves on the both walls
    • An old suitcase is ideal for keeping your favorite travel guides and books
    • Make your own Little Free Library

         Hope you enjoyed this article. I wish you will use them as inspiration for book storage in your own home.