Sunday, September 14, 2014

10 unique chairs

     Today I'm going to show you an amazing list with extraordinary pieces of furniture. I have a particular attachment for graceful chairs. Chairs are an extremely important element of your house. This thing can determine the style of your entire room...
     They are elegant, stylish and fine:

          Cross legged chair

cross legged unique pink chair

          Ghost chair

transparent chair

          Infinity wood chair

infinity wood chair

          Infinity chair

infinity white chair

          Hanger chair

hanger unique chair for hall

          Shadow chair

illusion shadow chair

          Thread chair

thread unique chair

          Cactus chair

glass transparent cactus chair

          Stub chair

wooden stub chair

          Stick branch chair

stick branch unique chair

Thursday, September 4, 2014

#1 HOW TO choose a proper paint brush?


     Unfortunately when choosing a brush for wall painting we don’t pay much attention to details; but sometimes when we get home we understand that the brush we chose is not so “comfortable”. First of all you have to know that there are different paint brushes. And choosing the right one is essential.

There are:

  • Paint and varnish brushes
  • Antistatic brushes
  • Paste  brushes for wallpaper
  • Brushes for whitewash
  • Brushes for sills etc.


There are two types of brushes (from the point of view of quality):

  • Natural bristle brush

It is better to choose natural bristle brush for oil based paints. Therefore it is the best choice when you want to paint with varnish or any type of protective coating. To clean these kind of brushes wash them with a special solution or turpentine.

  • Synthetic bristle paint brush

These brushes are recommended for latex based paint, because they will keep their shape and hardness. To clean brushes after using them, wash them with warm soapy water, rinse thoroughly and let them dry. So you can use them again whenever you need.


Brush size that you have to buy depends on the surface you want to paint:

  • For interior walls and ceiling, use brushes with widths between 7-10 cm
  • For large exterior surfaces, use a broad brush about 10 cm thick and up to 2.5 cm
  • On the heels of windows (both interior and exterior) use 2.5-4 cm wide brushes, with a wide-angle effect
  • For wood painting, whether inside or outside, you need 2.5-4 cm wide brush
  • If you want to paint in corners use a brush 5 cm wide, with sharp edges.

                    Hope these tips will help you to save money and time!

                                                                                     Till the next 'HOW TO'  :)    

Thursday, August 21, 2014

CANOPY BED for a royal sleep

    For some people having a bedroom canopy is something very exotic or too old-fashioned. But if you have a large room and a bright one, a theatrical romantic canopy bed will fit perfectly.

    Canopy beds drive us into a dream world, a different culture and civilization…

    Canopy bed fits very well in the nursery, especially in the little girl rooms. So small it will feel like real princesses. But this is a good idea for boys too. In stores you can find cribs in the form of boat and canopy looks like ship sails.


    Throughout the Middle Ages canopy beds were common in aristocracy homes and royal houses of Europe. Curtains were designed primarily as protection against mosquitoes and other insects, but also to create an intimate atmosphere. Moreover, canopy protected them from blow and wind. Also were designed to maintain a comfortable temperature inside.

    In the Middle Ages these beds were very fluffy, and the wood was chipped in many sophisticated models.

    Even if after this period, these types of beds passed, and people have opted for other models, nowadays they become popular again. Therefore canopy bed celebrated its rebirth.


            The fastening system

    There are different types of fastening methods.

    The most common canopy bed has 4 pylons united among themselves (made from wood or wrought iron) on which is placed the material. But be caution! This kind of canopy bed is great only for big rooms; in a small room it wouldn’t look good.

    Another method is to catch curtain rods on the ceiling. They can be as large as your bed or smaller, your choice.

    Also you can install a curtain gallery on the wall and let the veil to “flaw” on the both sides of the bed.

wooden canopy bed

            The fabric

    There are no rules. It is your choice if you want a transparent fabric or an opaque one, bright or sober, simple or with lace etc.

    For a romantic interior design it is recommended to choose transparent and soft fabric. Also you can use a large fabric that can lie like a cascade on the floor.

    You will create an interesting effect choosing for canopy the same fabric as your curtains.

    For a nonconformist bedroom choose a canopy with floral or geometric models.

    Remember that a canopy bed with opaque fabric suits only in a big room. And if your bedroom isn’t big enough choose only transparent fabric.


Thursday, July 3, 2014

DIY project: pixel envelope design


     Hi dear readers! I want to share with you a special DIY project I called "Pixel Envelope". I was invited at a party and I prepared a special letter for that who invited me, that's why I wanted the envelope to be distingueshed to. Everyone at the party remarked the envelope and liked it. Therefore I'll show you today how to create it.

     Probably, you'll say it is not related to Interior Design, but why not to try to insert it in your home decor. For example you can put it in a conspicuous place in the hall. Here you can keep business cards, bills or anything you want.

pixel envelope design

                        Just follow these simple steps:

                        pixel envelope design diy

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

11 amazing DIY ideas to recycle old CDs

diy crafts old cds

     Nowadays, science develops with quick steps, and we have to get rid of things we don't use anymore, such as CDs. But why we should throw them away if we can give to old things a new life and purpose? Here are some inspirational ideas, you should absolutely try, on how to recycle old Compact Discs:

               1. This Simple Disco Ball

    (without crumbling the discs)

disco ball


               2. Photo frames

photo frame from cds


               3. These CD flat sculptures for wall decor

cd sculpture


               4. Sculptures for backyard

     This DIY project is not so easy, but the result worth this great effort and the time you spend on it. These sculptures are really amazing. The Australian artist Sean Avery is an expert in this domain (his sculptures are made from recycled materials). Sean is so cool.

cd crafts sculpture for backyardcd sculpture for backyard - do it yourselfsculpture from old cds art of recycling


              5. Lovely coasters

      costers made from old cds           Making coasters with old CDs


              6. Lampshades

        do it yoursef - cd lamp


              7. This cute earrings holder

craft - earrings holder


              8. Christmas accessories

do it yourself - christmas accessoriesHOLIDAY CRAFT IDEAS reuse old cd


              9. Rainfall shower

     I think his idea is great. It is beautiful. it is useful. it is cheap.

do it yourself - cd rainfall shower


             10. Creative clock

do it yourself - clock


             11. Mosaic

recycled cd mosaic pot

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Simple DIY project for wall decor

     Hello everyone. Today I come to you with a very simple DIY project. Even a child can make it and you will have a lot of fun doing it.

It's a personalised piece of art. And you can make images like this for the members of your family and expose them on a wall. Another idea is to make this for your baby every year, till he or she become full-grown.

     All you need is: a frame, some markers/crayons/pencils, a sheet of paper and a hand :)

do it yourself - hand wall decor

You can even use neon paint. The effect will be astonishing!

hand wall decor