Saturday, January 26, 2013

Napkin folding

    A napkin is like an expression of personality and creativity and it’s folding also reflects our mood. It can set the tone for our unforgettable dining experience and enhances the look of your interior. There are so many styles for napkin folding: the pyramid, the bird of paradise, the arrow, the French napkin fold, the crown etc.
    My favorite are: the diamond and the shirt n.f.
    Here you can see the steps for making a shirt napkin fold. (An iron would help you to make easier this n.f.)

   I think it's a noble profession to do such works of art like Napkin folds.
   Luigi Spotorno has over 35 years experience in the catering industry, he is an expert. Luigi has created napkin folds for the Queen's Golden Jubilee, Prince Charles's wedding to Camilla Parker-Bowles, for opera singer Luigi Pavarotti etc.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Conversation Pit

      Very often we feel the need to spend time around people we love in a relaxing and harmonious atmosphere. There is an ideal invention in interior design world, made especially for resting and communicating - CONVERSATION PIT or SUNKEN SEATING.
       Modernist designers Eero Saarinen and Alexander Girard used a conversation pit as the center piece of the influential Miller House (1958) in Columbus, Indiana.

    “It takes a higher level by taking down a level”. Conversation pit brings people together and makes them closer. It creates a more intimate atmosphere and also it facilitates table top games…

        It looks so beautiful at night with candles lit…in the middle of the water surrounding the moon.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Kisses in the name of art

Natalie Irish is a very creative artist. She doesn’t use her hands to create mind-blowing masterpieces. Natalie is endowed with an unusual talent. She conquered the whole world with her works because this cute young artist paints only with her LIPS. Some media outlets decided to call her “Lipstick Artist”. By such method she created portraits of famous artists as: Kate Middleton, Marilyn Monroe etc. and a self-portrait.
I adore her works. I'm always glad when I see such original ideas. I wish her all the best and a lot of lipsticks)))

To make fetching pieces of art, Natalie also uses her thumbprints.

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Room colors and personality

Yellow- idealism, dreaming, pride
Green- balance, friendly, moral
Blue-green- sensible
Blue- confidence, conservative, reliable, loyalty
Purple- polite, vain
Lavender- sociable, civilized
Brown- trustworthy, conservative
Red- aggressive, impulsive
Dark red- ambitious, powerful
Pink- romanticism, charm, warmth
Orange- spirit of adventure, charm
White- modesty
Gray- care
Black- sophistication, mystery

Entrance and lobby- Through these zones people enter in your home, they are like a visit card. So, chosen color should convey the message “welcome”. Sometimes exterior color of the house is also found in hall.
Bedroom- Here colors have a very important role. But of course the colors should be in harmony, for example you may combine wall color with bedding color. Green is a relaxing color for any bedroom, while red is energizing. Other recommended colors for this room are: blue and pink.

Living room- Here you can use almost any color (don’t forget that color should be combined with furniture).
Kitchen- Here are some colors that should be avoided: blue, pink and orange. Why? Psychologists say that these colors may have a negative impact on our appetite and create an “eerie” atmosphere to a kitchen.
Bathroom- Is that room in which you may use any color; it is important to create a relaxing atmosphere, not oppressive atmosphere.

Gym- If you have such a room you should know that it is very important what color has its walls. Green should be banned because it is a very relaxing color, also pink that is a soothing color should be avoided. The best color for gym is red, because it stimulates the activity and energy.
Nursery (kids room) – Children are sensitive to many things: music, TV, games etc. So some colors may calm them while other can make them more fussy and nervous. Avoid dark room paints like: dark blue, red and black or bright white. Purple or lavender is a good choice. “Light” green and pink are relaxing color.


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