Monday, June 30, 2014

Feng Shui - red color

Feng shui red white living room wall decal

     Feng Shui has its origin in China and it is an ancient art. These two words mean "wind and water". This concept is based on the idea that people, places and things have energy that materializes in the art of interior design in order to achieve balance and harmony in relation with the environment. For many Chinese is just a specific way to arrange the furniture in a room. Therefore, Feng Shui has the role to ensure a positive flow of energy and "wind & water".

     Colors have a specific meaning for this kind of art. Through them we can bring positive energies into the space in which we live. Each color represents energy that can influence emotional and physical state.

     Easiest perceived color by the human eye is red. Red is associated with the fire element, is the color of power and energy. This color can mean danger or happiness, feeling of warmth, kindness. Also, in Feng Shui red signifies richness and luxury.

     Even if this color has so many benefits it should be used sparingly. Excess of red brings excitement and twitter. You will not go wrong if you will use red for color accents. A single wall decoration will become the focal point of the room. As an accent color, red can be applied to the pieces of furniture or decorative objects (vases, candles, pillows) or Feng Shui decorative elements (red horse, phoenix, magic knot etc.).

     In the bathroom and kitchen, you can opt for a red furnishings and white color to balance the power of these accents. Luminaires offer another way to introduce this energizing color in room decor. Oversized red luminaries will give a contemporary look. Although this color is not recommended in the bedroom and children’s room because it prevents the rest, red can be used in small quantities.


Saturday, June 28, 2014

Interior Design WALLPAPERS

Wallpapers in living room                                     

     Yesterday I was visiting a giant construction materials store from my country. It was a great day because I discovered a lot of new things and got inspiration. Most of all I like the wallpaper section. I saw so many types of wallpaper… I just did not want to go home. That’s why now I want to share with you what I’ve learned.

     The wallpaper is a type of decoration that will always be trendy. The variety of patterns and colors allow us to define our own style of interior design, from contemporary to rustic or eclectic or romantic.


          Advantages of wallpaper are:

  • You can apply them on any surface
  • It covers surface defects
  • It is easy to maintain
  • It can be easily removed


   Depending on the composition of the surface layer, there are:

        Paper wallpapers - can be washable

       Textile fiber wallcovering - mounted on paper, the outer surface is covered with fibers.

       Vinyl wallpaper- is the most commonly used type of wallpaper, it is resistant to moisture and sunlight. It is also washable.

       Wallpaper you can paint - can be covered with layers of paint, five to ten coats (it depends).

Just remember that a space where is much moisture such as the bathroom and kitchen needs a durable and washable wallpaper.


    This wallpaper wasn’t so popular for a good period of time, but now it is requested by a lot of people. But there are so many ideas in your head when you have to decide about a photo printed on wall that it goes crazy. Creativity has no limit…


Wednesday, June 25, 2014

The most unusual Interior Design project

     You can find this unique and unusual interior design (for a bar) in Venice. It is called “The drunken bar” and it’s a Venetian Wanderings. Designer of this special room is Tobias Rehberger, who has a lot of projects with the same idea, namely to create a very special illusion. A characteristic feature of the interior design is that is creates a strong impression. Guests of this bar can easily get drunk even without using any alcohol. Feature of the interior is also its complete draining and masking objects and interior elements with each other. Design goal was to create a mood associated with hunting and militancy. Such design destroys and distorts reality. The result of this distortion is that you can not either see some of the items or can’t pinpoint the location of furniture or interior space. The concept of «La Biennale» is - consciousness can’t sort and correctly interpret the "funky" colors and images that distort reality and our own reality. crazy interior design unusual interior design


Monday, June 23, 2014

SWITZERLAND Interior Design Style

Interio design - swiss style "Silent refinement” is the best way to describe decorative style used in Swiss houses.

I think it’s a perfect place to rest and to get a warm feeling. If you want this refinement in your house, without moving in another country, follow these tricks:

                                     Swiss décor

To bring a Swiss air in your home you should start with painting your walls white, beige or even pale blue.

Fabrics are usually white and these are: wool or cotton.

Bouquets of fresh flowers play an important role in this country décor. Often leaves or small branches with berries are mixed in bouquets. Gardening is an important part of Swiss life, this activity providing them some food and fresh colors to decorate their homes.


Wood dominates the look of Swiss homes, especially country homes.

The walls, floors and furniture are usually made of wood, especially softwood essentially, uncoated and untreated. Moreover, you may see inside a home-style Swiss contains also and wooden boxes in which you can put clothes or other personal items.

Swiss floors are usually covered with terracotta tiles, but work areas are paved with brick tiles. Also you will notice bowls and pitchers of heavy porcelain tile or kept in buffets or shelf.

We can not talk about a Swiss house without mention the presence of stove inside it. Swiss house in the rural area has usually an extremely large living room. Here you can find a large terracotta stove that is brown, green or blue. So, this is the place where people can sit to talk, warming at the same time, when the weather is cold outside.

Swiss sofas have high back and are upholstered with sober colors being, often covered with fleece blanket and warm pillows. To wrap certain portions of the floor, the Swiss use rag rugs. Currently these materials are hard to find because they entered our market in a variety of types.                                  

Saturday, June 21, 2014

How to choose a pot depending on the type of plant

                                  indoor plants

     Choosing the right pot for the plant is as important as the proper light source and watering. So, how should it be? How big? What color to choose? Made of clay or plastic?

     Some of these questions are less important. But if you want your plant to grow healthy and fine, you should pay attention to its dimensions and the material from which the pot is made. Unfortunately, we select often just a pot which fit better in the room décor, without looking at other criteria.

     Plants that don’t need much water have to be set into a clay pot. This allows air and water to circulate through it, facilitating earth drying.

     Plastic pots are ideals for plants that love moisture, because they don’t let the air to circulate. Therefore, plants that do not need a high level of humidity shouldn’t be set into a plastic one, otherwise plant roots will rot.

     Type of the root is another criterion to look at. For example, plants with short, little root, such as cacti may be set into a small pot. Plants with turning root require depth, so a high pot is the right choice. If plant roots beam, they can be grown in almost any type of vessel. Thin roots with equal branches, grow evenly in all directions, so they find almost wherever a space for growing.

     Large, climbing or hanging plants need more stability. That’s why it is better to use a big pot. Moreover, these plants grow well in clay pots.

     So, find out the characteristics of your plant species to choose the perfect pot!!!