Saturday, March 30, 2013

10 tips from the experts to improve the safety of the house

      I greet you again dear readers! Today let’s talk about safety and comfort in our house. There is no doubt, safety is one of the most important things should have a room, especially if children live in it. So, experts suggest a few simple changes for a more comfortable interior. A big advantage is that the products needed for this change can be found anywhere at an affordable price. But you shouldn’t forget to:
     - aspire to perfection! Don’t buy some thing just because it is cheap, if you don’t really like it. After a while you won’t know how to get rid of it.
    - ask if you may test an object before buying it. This is the best way for choosing home d├ęcor.

               So, let’s return to those 10 tips mentioned above:
  1. Install light bulbs in all dark areas used for night work;
  2. Use shining light bulbs anywhere, this will facilitate your works. Today there are several light bulb varieties including incandescent, fluorescent, and LED;
  3. For greater convenience, install lights in wardrobes and adjustable shelves;
  4. Install switches that regulate the brightness, it can illuminate only certain areas of the house with what intensity you want;
  5. Install handles on all doors in the house at the same height as your hands;
  6. Install handles with very simple shape for all doors and drawers to be pulled easily;
  7. Provide all carpets and rugs with double adhesive tape;
  8. Put reflective tape (non-slip) on all stairs without carpet;
  9. Install handrails on each side of the stairs, both inside and outside;
  10. Place a bench near the entrance, which you can put groceries so you can open the door when you come home or can rest on it.

     Of course these tips from professionals will make your home secure and more comfortable. In the next post you will learn about the most common mistakes we should avoid in arranging our interiors.
                         Until next time,
                                            Doina :)

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Choosing a carpet

     When I come home after a hard day I want to kick off my shoes and dig my toes into a soft carpet. So, for me, carpeting is very important. For me, carpet isn’t just a floor covering, I associate it with luxury and comfort.
     Perhaps the most difficult decision of all is choosing the carpet's color. Also when you choose a carpet, you should keep in mind the size of the room. It is very important criterion.
-For small rooms it is recommended large carpets with uniform texture and pale. Pale and neutral tones reflect light and visual enlarge the space.
-In large rooms is better to use dark colored carpet and an unusual texture.
     If you have modern furniture with bright colors, you should choose a sober kind of rug, because it will confer your room elegant style.
     Texture of a rug represents aspect of the surface: smooth or uneven, delicate or rough. There exists many types of textures that are especially for a particular interior. For example plush and shag carpets are recommended for familiar interiors (warm rooms). Berber carpet is an ideal choice for a classic interior. Uneven carpets are suitable for circulated rooms styled intimate, warm.
     Another important element of a carpet is the fiber from which it is made​. It may be natural (wool) or artificial (nylon, polyester, polypropylene).
     Wool provides room nature and elegance. Wool is resistant, but is more expensive and harder to maintain. Because of this it is recommended to place wool carpet in rooms that are not visited very often.… Nylon is an artificial fiber that is the most popular and durable. It is also resistant to use.
     Homeowners with young children or dogs and cats may want to avoid hard-to-clean shag or high-end rugs. Stain-resistant carpets can eliminate the frustration associated with spills and may cut your cleaning time.

     There is no doubt that natural carpets are healthy. If your budget allows, check out carpet made from natural products.
            Natural fiber rugs:
Sisal- fiber extracted from the leaves of the agave plant. Its natural color is creamy white, but it may be easily colored.
Coconut- its rustic and natural aspect bring elegance in any interior,
Jute- with a soft-touch surface, jute is distinguished by a special gloss. Moreover, its aesthetic effect is excellent.
Seagrass- with a pleasant design, seagrass is available in 3 types: standard, stitching and zigzag.
Wool- this fiber is ideal for carpet confection.
      I hope you will make the best choice for your home!
              As always, with affection,
                                    Doina :*  
P.S. Aaron, thank you very much for helping (hug) :) 

Saturday, March 16, 2013


     I am happy that you are interested in what I posted and I promise to continue give you useful advices in arranging your interior and decorating your home. Today’s post will be dedicated especially for persons who love jewelry.
     I think every lady likes to have a little collection of jewelry. Jewelry reflects a woman’s style and status in life. Everyone knows that accessories accentuate one’s look and bring out the personality.
     Often we don’t know were to put them. Every girl wants to have a jewelry box or something else designed specifically for accessories that rest on her nightstand in the bedroom. They provide a note of elegance and style in your interior.
     For keeping all your jewelry you don’t have to purchase expensive boxes that are "as all". Try to be original, try to be creative…Use all your imagination and make something special. You can make by yourself this kind of box containing different compartments for earrings, bracelets and rings. You can do something special by plaster, wires, everything... Just use your imagination.
     There are people that don’t want to keep them in a box but want to place them in such a way that they will always be visible and it will be more comfortable for them to choose something. Here I prepared for you, dear readers, some original ideas…some crafts that all of you can make by yourself.

     Today an original idea popped in my mind. I took a paper and a pencil and started to create something unique for my earrings. I decided to name it “Jewelry-tree.
     To show you the steps of making jewelry-tree I used cartoon and colored paper, but of course it is better to use thin wood/plywood and paint. I really hope that my idea captivates you and you will try to make it by yourself. I also think it would be a good gift for women from their sweethearts)))

     Cut 2 plywood pieces in the same form.

     Cut this 2 plywood pieces as in imagine, then overlap them.

     You can use other shapes, for example: a simple triangle, some fruit, fir tree (it will look like a Christmas tree full of toys).

                                        Doina ;)

Monday, March 11, 2013

Upholstered furniture with leather or canvas?

      It is spring and I want to change something in my house. Analyzing room atmosphere I decided to change seat upholstery. Choosing upholstered furniture may be confusing…For some of us choosing it is the most enjoyable part of upholstery shopping. Upholstery fabrics have a wide range of quality and price. Be sure that you know what you want from your upholstery before you buy it.

     Many people prefer leather upholstery. There is no doubt leather furniture adds sophistication and elegance to any interior. This kind of fabric has a lot of advantages, for example leather furniture is not picky when it comes to dirt caused by various liquids, dust and it is an ideal choice for families who have babies. Also leather furniture is ideal for smokers.
     But there are also some disadvantages. One of them is its price. Leather upholstery is not very cheap. Moreover the leather offers very limited colors and designs unlike other textiles. Another disadvantage is that the material is sensitive to sharp objects, because of this we should be very carefully with it because it is a great risk of scratching the material. I’ve heard that after a while it also can change it color.

     Fabrics also have advantages and disadvantages. A big advantage of it is the diversity of designs and colors
     The biggest disadvantage of canvas upholstery is sensitivity. When you pour water on it is more disturbing than the leather material. For example a red wine stain is much easier to clean the leather trim unlike the fabric upholstery, sometimes you need a specialist advice to avoid the stain.

     Even if the fabric is harder to clean and if due to leather upholstery any room or space will look luxuriously I prefer canvas, not leather. I can't endure this material on my skin. If it is hot I have a bad feeling ... like staying "glued" to the couch.
     I've never been a fan of leather furniture... Maybe I should try? I like the changes in the house but even more I love comfort.
                                 Doina :*



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    Sunday, March 3, 2013

    Should I buy a waterbed?

         As I mentioned in previous post, we spend more than a third of our life sleeping. Because of this buying a suitable bed should be one of our priorities.
         Waterbeds appeared about 3000 years ago. The ancient Persians were sleeping on goatskin field with water. The “modern” inventor of waterbed is William Hooper. He was a British physician. In 1851 he displayed a new mattress that was designed especially for patients suffering from diseases in the joints, especially in the back.
         Nowadays these beds are extremely popular, especially in Scandinavian countries and in the USA. Here they are used up to 25 % of population. A big advantage is the flexibility of the water mattress: mattress adapts to the body but not vice versa. This ensures optimal blood circulation. Also waterbed is very good for pregnant women.
         Numerous experiments proved that the time in which a person falls asleep on the water bed is shorter than those who sleep on a regular mattress. Due to its material that can be easily cleaned, these kinds of beds are also recommended by specialists for allergic persons.
         Moreover, nowadays mattresses can be heated, but there is no external difference between a regular bed and one filled with water.

         But there are also some disadvantages: for example a double waterbed weight at least 750kg. This is a big disadvantage for people who travel frequently or regularly change the position of their furniture in the room. If you want to move to another house, you have to shed all content of the mattress.
         Its price varies from each country. Also it depends on producer and material. A double bed cost can be round 1000-1500 euro, but leather beds are more expensive.
         If you want to buy such a bed it is recommended to receive guidance from certified counselors. They will bring the bed to your home and will fit the exactly amount of water needed.
         I do not have a waterbed but I often hear about its positive impact. I often have back pain, and I think to get such a bed. But I'm not sure if it will help me also it is expensive and and I doubt: to buy an orthopedic mattress or a waterbed? Dear readers if you know more about them please let us know ... If you have a waterbed tell me your opinions, I will be very thankful. I've always wanted to know: is it safe? I mean how durable is it? Can it be easily broken?
                               Waiting for you,
                                         Doina :)