Friday, June 28, 2013


     Even if nowadays people rarely use curtains in their rooms, considering them “unfashionable”, many of them can not imagine their interior without them. And I'm one of those people. My entire house is equipped with curtains. Although they are very simple and allow more than just personalized styles; they also protect the interiors from heat loss during the winter and help the room stay cooler during summer. Besides this, thank to curtains furniture is protected from direct sunlight and privacy is insured all the time.

     The curtain industry offers a huge variety of styles, fabrics, colors and patterns. Moreover, the curtain accessory industry has evolved. Here are some tips to understand better what kind of curtains suit your house:

Long curtains. Curtains which are longer than the window (falls on the floor, curled) fit a sumptuous, elegant style, that many of us don’t prefer. This is why we can see such kind of curtains in every ceremony halls or large rooms. But if curtain has a pale color and it isn’t very long I think it would be fits even in a nice small room.

High drapes. Maybe it sounds a little crazy, but high curtains are a great trick used to create the impression of high walls.

Transparent curtains. The windows may be decorated also without using curtains with intricate details. This kind of drapes is very appreciated by many designers, especially if they are made ​​of fine, soft fabrics.

Double curtains. Any curtain may look special if it has two materials of different colors (on the one hand and on the other). So, the curtain can be turned to one side or another to suit decorative accents or why not season outside. Another interesting method is to end this kind of curtain, to use a cord tieback.

“Casual” curtains. You should add cuff to your curtains in order to obtain “casual” style. For example you may add a cuff of different material to create a contrast.

Stripes and stripes again. If you have 2 usual drapes or even color isn’t “distinguished” you may emphasize them with stripes of different colors sewn even by yourself. There is no doubt, your room would look fresher.

Contrast edges. Drapes that have a single color become more interesting if the edges are sewn with material of another color. Experts say that contrast edges curtains blend perfectly in rooms with fireplace.

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