Welcome on the new page of my blog. Here we are for asking questions and answering them. I have to recognize that I’m not an expert in interior design. So, maybe the phrase “ask ME anything” sounds naughty. But I am trying to become an “expert”. Because of this I have created this page and I want you to ask any question that deals with ID, art, architecture and even exterior design and we will try together to answer them or to discuss about it, express our opinions… There is no doubt that this exchange of information will enrich our knowledge about interior design, home décor…

      By asking the impossible you will get the best ;)


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    be decorated as a cottage in the country, considering that is in a sea mountain and river sercana

    1. BUENOS DIAS!!! Thank you, it is a very good question. Much of this depends on your own desire. But if you want to hear my opinion, know that I prefer rustic decor for a cottage in the country. Why? It's simple... First of all, we should keep in mind that it's a cottage, in other words a place of refuge. So, it should be a place of relax with not many details (milimalist)with many natural elements. Make sure that you always have a vase of fresh flowers and the air in the room is also fresh!
      P.S. It's really a good question. Because of this I promise to post an article based on your question (this weekend)... Also, my post will contain a PHOTO GALLERY for inspiration :)

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  4. I am trying to choose the perfect colors to match a burgundy bed spread and dark blue drapes. My colors of choice would be blue grey above the chair rail and blue below it. Does this sound like it could match and make an impression on this large master bedroom?

    1. Hi! There is no doubt, synonymous for burgundy and dark blue is elegance, luxury and nobility. As I think it's a good color combination. Burgundy and dark blue is a perfect match, mixing them with gray will create a strong effect. Don't be afraid to try this. If you are not sure sketch examples of these colors and put them together; so you'll decide easily. Please let me know how it is, sending me a photo. Thank you! I wish it was helpful :)

    2. http://colorpalettes.net/wp-content/uploads/2015/04/cvetovaya-palitra-1643.png

  5. Hi, Where can I find "The tufted movie pit couch" from your "10 Most Cozy Pieces of furniture"?


    1. I'm not sure... Here I found some nice pieces

      But you can try find something like this at your local stores or to try to make you custom design and ask an expert.

  6. como aço para conseguir o passo a passo da laminaria de CD em forma de globo?

    1. there are different methods. One of them, and the most simple one is to stick CD-s on a spherical lamp, as you can see here: http://upgradesigner.blogspot.md/2014/07/11-amazing-diy-ideas-to-recycle-old-cds.html#.WmkZvqiWbIU .

      But, if you want to make a real disco globe you can try this:

      What you need:

      - A Styrofoam ball;
      - CDs;
      - Craft scissors or kitchen shears;
      - String or hook;
      - Hot glue gun;
      - Colored permanent markers (optional).

      How to do:
      - Cut the CDs into small square pieces.
      - Tie a string around the Styrofoam ball or install a -
      - hook on the ball.
      - Start by gluing the square pieces from the center of the Styrofoam ball. Continue until the Styrofoam ball is covered.
      - Paint with permanent markers to create a multi-colored effect.
      - Hang the disco ball.