Saturday, February 23, 2013

15 Tips To Create A Perfect Bedroom

     I greet you again, dear readers. Today let's talk about the importance of proper arrangement of the bedroom. Have you ever had the feeling that your bedroom is not comfortable enough? I think the bedroom is the most important room in our house. Why? It’s simple, more than a third of our life we spend sleeping. Here we also read, watch TV, sometimes have breakfast etc. and because of this we should pay much attention to furniture arrangement, to the range of chosen colors…
Here I prepared some advices for your bedroom to be more comfortable and enjoyable.

  • An armchair or a comfortable little sofa invites us to linger on rainy days
  • The best room to be converted into bedroom has 3.50 x 3.50m and more
  • Distance between furniture should be at least 1.20m, so wardrobe can be opened easily
  • This room should be in the opposite side of the street to avoid traffic noise
  • If you want to be woken up by the first rays of the sun, your bedroom should be located in the eastern part
  • Those who want to have a bright bedroom all day should place it in the west
  • Your bed should be 20-25cm longer than your body length
  • If you use bedroom also for physical exercises, hide fitness equipment behind a screen devices or shelf with various ornaments
  • An interior with a lot of furniture tire
  • Curtains or drapes should be the same shade as the floor or carpet
  • It is indicated that all lights can be turned off lying in bed
  • Lighting includes 3 points: ceiling lamp with normal light, bedside lamp that helps us to read a book before bed and lights that relax us (for example spots that illuminate an wall or a special thing)
  • If your bedroom is small you have to paint walls in warm colors, in such way your room will look larger
  • Place the bed so that you have visual contact with the door, but do not sit too close to it
  • As teaching Feng Shui, if you want to relax after a hectic day, avoid furniture with protruding edges or corners
      I hope that these tips will help you get rid of all your worries and relax after a hard day of work. If you know more tricks for a better bedroom please share us all your thoughts or ideas.                
                          Write Soon,                     
                                     Doina :*



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    Saturday, February 16, 2013

    15 advices that begin with DO NOT:

    1. DO NOT let anyone decide for you.
    Your house is your personal space, so decisions should be exclusively yours! But this doesn’t mean that you have to avoid specialist advice.
    1. DO NOT rush to paint.
    First of all you have to choose materials, carpets and upholstery.
    1. DO NOT decide in the store what colors to choose.
    Never buy paint after one visit to the store. You have to ask for colored samples and then analyze them carefully in natural and artificial light.
    1. DO NOT turn your favorite color in main color.
    If red is your favorite color don’t paint all the walls in red. You may use it to accentuate especial elements, using as a background another color, so red things would become the spotlight.

    1. DO NOT ignore the psychological effects.
    Every color has an effect on our psyche. Even if you like bold colors you don’t have to exaggerate with their use. Do not forget the atmosphere of the room depends on the chosen color scheme.
    1. DO NOT apply forced color schemes.
    Choose color first, identify the major parts and then decide the places where it will be located for a right color scheme and a pleasant environment. For example if you have a green sofa, that does not mean that you should have curtains of the same color, just because, theoretical they are associated. Try to coordinate all the elements of a room so you get a feeling of comfort.
    1. DO NOT forget about color tones.
    Colors have tones and shades. Blue, for instance, may be open or closed, lively or dull. Combine those colors that have the same intention.
    1. DO NOT ignore focal point of a room.
    Not every room has a focal point, it isn’t absolutely necessary, but if you want to emphasize a piece of furniture or a special artistic composition (picture, sculpture etc.) analyze position of other objects according to him.
    1. DO NOT spread chairs, tables and sofa in all room space.
    It is indicated to create groups of objects, considering their function.
    1. DO NOT invest huge amounts in “fashionable” things.
    Fashion comes and goes. Fashionable things are expensive just at the beginning but their value decreases over time.
    1. DO NOT expose all personal objects.
    If you are an avid collector that does not mean entire house should be a museum. Use just one room for this. But if your house is not big enough you may expose some of the objects, changing from time to time "collection".
    1. DO NOT keep furniture that does not match the assembly.
    If you can not give up furniture that causes you memories, you can keep them giving it a different look: paint the wardrobe, change the chair or sofa upholstery.

    1. DO NOT build barriers.
    Don’t put the seat in the front of the door or table in the traffic. Furniture must be placed correctly so as to facilitate access to important points in the room (windows, doors, wardrobes).
    1. DO NOT purchase things considering their price.
    Some expensive things you want may look horrible in your interior. Not everything that is expensive is good. Before purchasing something you have to analyze it attentively, you have to see if it is well assembled, has interesting details etc.
    1. DO NOT forget accessories.
    Accessories make difference. To create an atmosphere of comfort you should pay attention to details, you may purchase interesting lamps, add colored pillows, arrange books neatly, add flowers, candles etc.

         I hope my advices will help you to arrange your home correctly. Without realizing, we often make mistakes in arranging our interior and then we do not feel comfortable in our own home. If you do not agree with any advice or want to offer more advices for readers I will be happy to chat with you. You may leave a comment and debate any topic. Thank you for reading my blog, I hope you like it.
                Until next time,

    Saturday, February 9, 2013

    Valentine's Day Decor

         Valentine’s Day is coming!!! Let’s make together this day special one! If you don’t know how to decorate your house for St. Valentine’s Day, here you can find some advices.
         Valentine’s Day is a day of love and romance, a day of chocolate and cards. No matter are you planning a special evening for you and your girlfriend/boyfriend or a party for your friends, you have to pay attention to details.
         Don’t forget red and pink are the traditional colors of Valentine’s Day. Red and pink are very emotionally intense colors, they mean passion, desire, sensitivity, romance, sexuality and love.
         Be creative! Make by yourself home accessories like:

    Valentine Mailbox

    (It would be better to sit in the lobby this mailbox. Your guests when they enter the house will put here greeting cards or candy for someone and at the end of the party Valentine Mailbox will be opened and gifts will be distributed)

    Valentine’s Day balloons

    (You can put them anywhere and everywhere)

    Paper Curls Valentine Wreath

    String of Hearts Garland

    Cascading Hearts


    (You can write his/her name by such a method)

    Candles are some very important accessories on this day, especially if you spend it with your boyfriend / girlfriend. They create a romantic evening.

    Hang Valentines on a Tree


    Heart Napkin Fold

    Did You Know?

     Approximately 200 million Valentine's Day cards are exchanged annualy, so Valentine's Day is the second most popular  "card sending" holiday after Christmas. Women purchase approx. 85% of all Valentine greeting cards.

       It is important to let your friends know they are appreciated! I hope this home decor will get your guests heart racing... HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY!!!

    Sunday, February 3, 2013

    Funny interior design

         Arranging a room takes time and patience. Sometimes because of rush and lack of attention we make unpardonable mistakes. You have to calculate dozen times to make sure you are on the right way. Before starting work it would be better to make a well staged plan or scheme.
         Even if you do not have the required space in your home, do not hang large and heavy objects on the wall because they create an atmosphere of imbalance. Public places should be specifically designed.

    Some designers are too provocative...