Monday, January 6, 2014

Simple painting ideas for home

       This is my first post of this year and because of this I decided to make something inspiring, and who knows, maybe it will motivate and guide you the entire year. . .  This project is very easy, even a child can do it. There are no doubts, you will enjoy doing this painting by yourself. Therefore why not to have some fun, plus it would be a perfect décor for your home and putting it in a frame may be a nice gift for anyone.

              Things you will need:

  • White cardboard sheet
  • Some sheets of paper (not necessary colored)
  • Toothbrush
  • A stick
  • Paint (water paint)
  • Scissors, ruler, pencil

So, let's start

Cut the letters of a quote or somebody's name, anything you want

Arrange them on cardboard sheet

Put here some other details you want (in the reverse order in which it must be in the picture)

Now the most important thing you should know when making this:

- Put some paint on the brush

- Use the stick to spread the paint from toothbrush on your cardboard sheet. Move the stick from the bottom up (not vice versa) pressing the brush but not too hard. Be very attentively! First of all try on another sheet of paper to get accustomed and to make sure you didn’t put too much paint on the brush.

Now remove one sheet and begin spread again with another color

You can use some little details to make the painting more sophisticated

Remove sheets one by one. After each removing spread different colors on cardboard sheet

After removing the letters don’t spread paint again (the effect will be greater)

         Hope you did well ;)  If you have some questions you can ask me here

                             Endless love,