Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Floor lamps

     Interior floor-lamps are very nice but they are also practical. Nowadays they are so different in design, shape, color… So you can find a perfect one for your room. What I like most in floor lamps is that they individualize a special place and make it warmer by its light.

     You can put it in the corner of the room, discreetly to light a table or near/on both sides of staircases. Floor lamps confer elegance to your home and they are easily moved wherever you want. Its height can vary from one meter to two and materials they are made ​​are very varied: simple or colored glass, wrought iron combined with simple glass or colored, with classic shapes or irregular, abstract, aluminum or polycarbonate etc.

     But the most popular are metal floor-lamps in combination with glass and secondly with fabric.

     Japanese-inspired floor lamps gives the impression of air, vaporous material, most lampshades are handmade and gives an individual character.

     Exclusively glass floor-lamps fit perfectly in room corners or near the bed. They can take the form of triangular or cylinder fitting perfectly in the desired corner. Glass color can be chosen according to your preferences, either opaque or transparent color single or multicolored contrary.

     At office/work place you can use floor lamps with bulbs and adjustable lens to focus the light as you desire. Flexible arms allow maneuverability, and some models allow modification or removal of accessories.

     The bulbs used for these lamps are usually low powered, about 75 V, but also can be used single or phosphorescent neon light airs.

     For your backyard garden it is recommended to use small lanterns-pillar, with rechargeable batteries (from sun).

     Outdoor floor-lamps or lanterns are also very diverse. Barcelona is known for its quirky lanterns, Gaudi style.

   Enjoy more creative floor-lamps:



Saturday, July 27, 2013

How to get a good lighting in your home?

     The lighting means a lot more complicated than the process of putting lamps or installation of spotlights. Sometimes, even best interior designers work so hard in order to create an absolute effect. First of all you should know that light also has its rules - chandeliers do not belong in apartments, strong light shouldn’t be in bedroom and in office it is contraindicated to have a low light. Based on these rules, you can make your home as you wish, emphasizing certain elements, making the room seem warmer and more welcoming or adjusting light depending on occasions and rooms destination.

  • Combine direct light with plenty of ambient light

In most cases in the rooms is usually used a single light source. This causes uneven distribution of light, as if it were concentrated in one place. It is advisable to combine the standard lighting with ambient lighting options to create a soothing atmosphere.

  • Give life to dark corners using dim lights

Shelves and cabinets can be decorated with dim lights so that they reflect the dark corners of the room.

  • Make sure artificial lighting blends with the natural one
  • Use recessed ceiling spotlights with adjustable light

Recessed or applied spots create a wide range of effects. They can be rotated, tilted or targeted.

  • Emphasize the special objects of the room, focusing the light on them

If you have a special piece of furniture or a collection of objects put them worth with a concentrated light source on them taking care that it does not affect the integrity of valuables.


     In living room it is recommended to be warm and relaxing, that you can get by placing a floor lamp near chairs or sofa or by using a lamp on a low table.


     In bedroom the light should create a romantic, intimate atmosphere. Also very important is to be placed near the bed reading lamps. Or you can opt for folding-arm lamps installed on both sides of the bed (I think it’s the best solution, because they are a “space-saving solution”, so your nightstands become available). Many ladies prefer to have a makeup table in the bedroom. But not all of them know how to use enough light for it. So remember that at makeup-table should be adjustable light and a well-lit mirror.


     In kitchen, above the working place, you can put spotlights buried above worktop. Also it is recommended to install a large plafoniera in kitchen.


     In office it is absolutely necessary cold light for better concentration. Besides the basic light it is very important to have an adjustable lamp with “hat”.


    In the bathroom it is recommended that light sources be positioned in a way not form shadows. For small bathrooms, the light from the mirror is enough to light the entire room.


   ! In terms of colors, specialists recommend gray and white for chandeliers and lamps (for reading/from office). And for decorative lamps you may use any color you want, from bright colors to the pale (it depends on the place you want to put it).


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Saturday, July 20, 2013

Proper placement of MIRRORS


     The major effect that a mirror creates is to confer the sensation of space amplification. So, small and boring rooms can become brighter, cooler, more spacious due to strategic positioning of mirrors in our interiors without great expense.

     Mirror represents an essential part in decoration a room. Having a mirror in your room, the image it reflects becomes double. So, as I said, a room seems larger, especially if it is not framed. Also a mirror can reflects a special object emphasizing its presence. Lighting can also be improved through the use of mirrors, they will ensure her reflection.

     Mirrors are functional elements, but also they can be used only as decorative elements. For example when they are placed above fireplace, they always attract the eye. Placing a mirror on the wall represents a combination of style and functionality. Also the furniture gets more fast if they have mirrors mounted on the doors.

     Psychologists recommend to avoid hanging 2 mirrors one directly in front of the other, especially in bedroom. Make sure that mirrors reflect only pleasant things and placed them so as to include many natural landscapes.

     Is it framed or not, decorated with different elements on its surface, square, circular or oval, with wavy edges or chipped, mirror can be placed wherever in your home and it fits any decorative style, from romantic to high-tech.


     A mirror in the hallway on one of the side walls, offers generous space and depth dimensions. Placing mirrors in the entrance hall is the most common method of exploiting its effects. Whether you opt for a large mirror that stretches across the hall, whether you select several small mirrors, decorative, placed side by side, the lobby will become more generous and more inviting.

     Many people prefer using of oval mirrors in the bathroom and I like this decisions. Some people like to place a mirror above their bathtub for water waves to be reflected seductively over the entire room.

     In the kitchen: psychologists say that reflection in the mirror rushes food satiety appearance, and is therefore an aid to women who want to lose weight. It is not recommended to have mirrors in the bedroom. If however there is a mirror in the bedroom, it should not reflect couple's bed.

     The living room is a room where mirrors can be positioned without much hassle. The best position of the mirror is face to face with a window, but only when the image of the exterior of the house is a beautiful natural setting. In this way we bring the beauty of nature in our house.

     Finally I will add that very important is cleaning and frequent washing of mirrors used in home decor. According to the rules of Feng Shui, a clean mirror emits positive energy and a dirty one emits negative energy. Also, do not keep broken mirrors in the house, cracked or chipped, they assimilate and releasing negative energy.

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  • Thursday, July 18, 2013

    Candles making and decoration

         There is no doubt that light bulb transforms night into daylight, but it doesn’t confer a warm, romantic atmosphere. The candle flame is “moving”, I mean it illuminates a room in a very special way, that can’t do anything else.

           Choosing the right candles

         When you want to purchase a candle you should pay attention to thickness of the wick, it is a very important criterion (compare it with the diameter of the candle) for the wax to melt completely but no fast.

         Candles became available in a broad array of sizes, shapes and colors, and consumer interest in scented candles began to grow. This helps us to choose more easily those candles that will fit the style of your home, so you can customize the candles in perfect harmony with your room. Moreover, there are candles that when they melt you discovered some incredible pieces of art, small statues (such kind of candles is called “Art Candles”).

    Candles holders are another important element that brings “life” to a candle.


         It is recommended to place candles together (closer to one another).You may place them on windowsill, to light a corner of the room or a wall.

         Candles should be protected from the current.

         They should be placed on a refractory support.

         Keep distance from the wall and objects that burn easily. Also never let a candle unattended.

           How to make a candle?

         The components of a candle are readily available commercially. These are available from craft shops. Making your own colored, scented candles is really quick and simple. So, as I said, pay attention to wick thickness (thick wick > thick candle, thin wick > thin candle). You can find wax in the form of granules or gel, but also you can reuse old candles. In candle-making process you should use a pot you do not need, where the wax will melt. The wax melts at 50-60 degrees.

         The wick is placed in the center of the container with the desired shape. Then pour the melted wax over it. After the wax becomes solid, you could heat a little vessel walls so that the candle come out easily.

    ! If you want a scented candle you could pour in melted wax few drops of scented oil and mix the contents.


    Moreover, there are candles and candlesticks that belong to a particular style. For example:

    1. Baroque

    2. Retro


    3. Minimalism



    4. Rustic



    5. Scandinavian


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    Tuesday, July 16, 2013

    Orange dream

         Hi everyone! So, let’s talk more about colors… Imagine the world without bright colors. Isn’t true that it would be dull and boring? Why do people opt for dark shades in their interior design? I think every room should have some colorful elements that revive the atmosphere of entire house. Colors bring personality to it.

         Orange is one of my favorite colors. I like rooms that have some orange objects in it. This color means to me elegance and boldness. If this color means to you the same and you like it you should choose a bold piece of furniture in a striking shade of orange and install it in your room, and you will see how it will refresh the whole atmosphere of the room, will revive its spirit. Or you can put an orange plain rug in front of a white sofa with cushions of the same color to create an impressive effect. So, your room will be transform from a boring, dull in a fun and comfortable one. You can read more information about correct use of this color (and other colors) on one of my previous post

         If you want to paint all walls in orange, it is recommended to use this color:

    • in long narrow rooms (like corridors, tunnels, overpasses) to curb distance and solitude;
    • in waiting rooms to create a feeling of closeness and foster communication;
    • in spaces with low temperature to create the feeling of warm.

         Bring nature into your home

         Fruits and vegetables (oranges, pumpkins etc.) can form attractive focal points. Other natural elements of this color are autumn leaves.

         An important fact about this color is that it gives the illusion of space amplification. Also, this amazing color stimulates the brain and the eyes to become more active and creative. Because of this, it is recommended to use it in rooms (places) we want to feel “energized”, for example: office-room, nursery, living etc. For little girl you may associate orange with pink. For boys you may use orange with black, blue or purple.

         But orange should be used sparingly in the interior design, because excess use of this color becomes tiresome. For example you can paint only one wall using orange and to reduce its intensity paint other walls in white.

         Create a tropical atmosphere in your home

         Orange is associated with warm weather and relaxation, so this color can give to decor special warmth. Home accessories such as: orange curtains, orange paint, tropical fabrics, orange cushions will cause you to think of sunny beaches. Moreover, it is recommended to associate orange with yellow to bring such atmosphere in your home.

                        Have a nice day,

                                                 Doina :*

    Tuesday, July 2, 2013

    Beach house


         It is summer B’) It’s my favorite season and I want a special decoration during this period. I want my room to be a fresh, calm, relaxing place. So, I decided to decorate it in marine style and I give you the same advice. It is not necessarily about a home that is near the beach; the tips that follow also are for those who want to decorate their home in a marine/beach style.  Many people prefer this style in their rooms because it conveys a sense of calm and relaxation.  For obtain a design specific for this style you should take the decor inspired by nature. You could bring home elements of sand, waves to create a tranquil setting.

         Of course, first of all you have to avoid clutter because beach décor a little resembles minimalist style. So, you don’t need a lot of décor elements.

         Maintain simplicity and use completing colors. Use more wood in your interior. Moreover, it is recommended to use slatted blinds or (loose) transparent curtain.

         Choose the colors inspired by sea for paint the walls. Any of the cold colors on the color: pastel blue, pink any other natural colors suits. Also it is recommended to use some completely white materials – that confer a fresh air to any room.

         Natural wooden floors, pale, are a fundamental element for a beach-style house. But also you may use a carpet (light-colored, which will be similar to sand) that will accentuate the warm of the natural floor.

         Another solution would be to use osier chairs. They look awesome and offer more seats. Osier furniture creates the sense of “Beach Bungalow”.  And the glass jars filled with flowers pleasantly completes the decor.

         Don’t forget about exterior design. Outside you could use Adirondack chairs assorted with a table. Use warm lighting objects (candles) in order to offer privacy to décor. Also plant some specific beach flowers.

    Enjoy more pictures of beach style interiors:

    P.S. Thank you Aaron, you are a very good friend (hug)

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