Thursday, August 21, 2014

CANOPY BED for a royal sleep

    For some people having a bedroom canopy is something very exotic or too old-fashioned. But if you have a large room and a bright one, a theatrical romantic canopy bed will fit perfectly.

    Canopy beds drive us into a dream world, a different culture and civilization…

    Canopy bed fits very well in the nursery, especially in the little girl rooms. So small it will feel like real princesses. But this is a good idea for boys too. In stores you can find cribs in the form of boat and canopy looks like ship sails.


    Throughout the Middle Ages canopy beds were common in aristocracy homes and royal houses of Europe. Curtains were designed primarily as protection against mosquitoes and other insects, but also to create an intimate atmosphere. Moreover, canopy protected them from blow and wind. Also were designed to maintain a comfortable temperature inside.

    In the Middle Ages these beds were very fluffy, and the wood was chipped in many sophisticated models.

    Even if after this period, these types of beds passed, and people have opted for other models, nowadays they become popular again. Therefore canopy bed celebrated its rebirth.


            The fastening system

    There are different types of fastening methods.

    The most common canopy bed has 4 pylons united among themselves (made from wood or wrought iron) on which is placed the material. But be caution! This kind of canopy bed is great only for big rooms; in a small room it wouldn’t look good.

    Another method is to catch curtain rods on the ceiling. They can be as large as your bed or smaller, your choice.

    Also you can install a curtain gallery on the wall and let the veil to “flaw” on the both sides of the bed.

wooden canopy bed

            The fabric

    There are no rules. It is your choice if you want a transparent fabric or an opaque one, bright or sober, simple or with lace etc.

    For a romantic interior design it is recommended to choose transparent and soft fabric. Also you can use a large fabric that can lie like a cascade on the floor.

    You will create an interesting effect choosing for canopy the same fabric as your curtains.

    For a nonconformist bedroom choose a canopy with floral or geometric models.

    Remember that a canopy bed with opaque fabric suits only in a big room. And if your bedroom isn’t big enough choose only transparent fabric.