Thursday, February 20, 2014

VINTAGE doesn’t mean second hand

       It became so popular… but do we really understand what vintage means?

       First of all, you should know that vintage doesn’t mean second-hand, as many believe. The confusion stems from a misunderstanding of the term “vintage”. I agree that vintage means old, but vintage means at the same time quality. Because of this, the difference between the vintage and second hand stores represents the value of old work, implying that vintage items are not cheap - as most of us are tempted to believe.  Those who deal with trade vintage items are collectors and sellers of things not worn or used. They select and appreciate old things of quality (‘50s Bertoia chair, Victorian era furniture etc.).

       In interior design, vintage involves using valuable old pieces or new (but with “used” appearance) and antique finishes.

       Nowadays, the vintage style is very popular, both in fashion and interior design, because they offer pleasant atmosphere. This style is characterized by white, floral décor, a lot of decorative elements, but also what creates the perfect balance between these details. Walls can be painted, but the white image background with floral are a “must have”.

       Vintage style in interior design always gives an impression of creativity, elegance and sophistication. If you want to create a vintage style décor you may use wallpaper in unexpected places, for example in closets. “A great pattern or texture in small spaces can be a prodigious twist.” (Lindsay Coral Harper)

       Vintage represents lamps or candlesticks, curtains and blinds, cushions (that you can decorate by yourself using a vintage lace and pearls). Textiles are a key in creating a romantic vintage style. Use textiles to create a canopy over the bed, like a tablecloth or shelf decoration. Antique stores are the first you should scour them if you wish to make such an arrangement. There you will surely find a few elements that will contribute to your vintage decor: bedside tables, sofas, mirrors, coffee tables in different shapes.

       Other elements that characterize the vintage style are curved rounded forms, found both among furniture and accessories. Pastel shades and neutral colors also characterize such a setting. Lilac, lime, azure or cream colors are just a few suggestions that you can call.

       Other vintage objects: picture frames, dishes, fabrics, oil paintings etc. are characterized by quality and simplicity. To create a bohemian atmosphere that retains the appearance of a past time, it is recommended to have a relatively clutter.

       Now I can tell you a secret: vintage is my favorite interior design style and I really want to have my own little vintage-style reading room.

       What do YOU think about VINTAGE?

                                                                  Till the next time,

                                                                                              Doina :)

VINTAGE doesn’t mean second hand