Wednesday, April 30, 2014

20 Extremely Creative Pillows You Can Make By Yourself


        It is a very comforting feeling to have just the right pillow to rest an achy, tired body on; and when it’s also very creative it’s much more enjoyable and pleasant. Pillows may become a focal point of your room; therefore you should pay attention to they when decorate your house. Look at the material that is used for making the pillow. That is really very important. A soft touch is what everyone look for. Make sure that the pillows you have selected have exceptional softness and suppleness. Make by yourself a unique pillow coverso your family and gests will be catched by your creations.

       Here are some extremely creative inspirational pillows you can make by yourself:

  1. Suitcase pillow

Just take your suitcase and travel to dreamland.


  1. Bright round pillow

Sunny days - sunny dreams


  1. Glasses pillow

Coooooool dreeeeeeaams !!! Yeeeaah..


  1. Knitted pillow

Warm dreams


  1. Knot pillow

Fall into sleep links...


  1. Rustic pillow

Be closure to nature!


  1. Flag pillow

Which country do you like?


  1. Personalized QR code pillow

Digitalize your dreams in a QR code. So, you can view it again later :)


  1. Postcard

Is a certain postcard significant for you? Then why not to reproduce it on a pillow. It will look very nice a little bit "vintage".


  1. Motivational quote pillow

Inspire your dreams...


  1. Keypad pillow

Ctrl-Alt-Delete your nightmares.


  1. Calendar pillow

You can make pillow covers with significant for you dates. So, the memory of that day will be always with you.


  1. Icon pillow

Bring your network friends in your dreams.


  1. Favorite book

Do you want mr.Gatsby in your bed???


  1. Button decorative pillow

Each button is a part of my heart.


  1. Harry Potter

Let the magic of Harry Potter into your dreams.


  1. Hold me tight

Hold tight your sweet sleep.


  1. Fruits pillow

Make your sleep sweeter.


  1. Boyfriend pillow

Is your boyfriend far away and you need a hug?


  1. Pillow for pregnant women

Are you pregnant and want more comfort for your baby?



Tuesday, April 29, 2014

10 Most Cozy Pieces Of Furniture


Furniture - great things to have to make the rooms in your house to look beautiful. And they are not only beautiful and practical but also are very cozy and soft. The warm colors are known for reflecting positive energy and fresh vibe, so it’s advisable to brighten up your room by using this kind of furniture.

All of us know that naturally, the appeal of the furniture is important to the aesthetics of the room, but the key to creating a cozy and inviting ambiance is to choose a comfortable sofa, chair or armchair that will satisfy your needs.

Here are some extremely comfortable pieces of furniture you'd probably want to have in your home:

1. The bird’s nest bed, where naps will hatch all day long


2. Cozy knitted chair


3. Anana furniture piece by Aqua Creations


4. Embroidered and knitted chairs


5. Sheepskin Beanbang


6. The giant beanbag that you’d much rather spend time on than your actual couch


7. Lounge chair doubled as sleeping bag


8. The tufted movie pit couch


9. The chair that is like sitting inside a marshmallow


10. Cozy knitted armchair with grey fabric



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    Tuesday, April 22, 2014

    Feng Shui for your terrace and balcony (plants)


           The word "feng" denotes "wind" and "shui" means "water". Applying some essential features of these elements in terms of arranging the patio or balcony, we will definitely achieve harmony with nature. Arrangement of terraces through the plant plays a central role in the teaching of Feng Shui.

           Feng Shui describes 9 areas (Bagua), which represents the major themes of everyone's life: career, family, money, friends, etc. Let’s see how to obtain a balance :

    1. Career: blue flowers, flowing (Orchid Flower Bell, etc.), round stones, ceramic decorations and accessories.
    2. Your relationship: red and yellow flowers in pots, rectangular in shape.
    3. Wealth: pots with geraniums and gladiolas
    4. Science: colors of yellow and orange, and a corner furnished with a chaise (for reading)
    5. Family: plants that are high (eg bamboo)
    6. Friends: flower with silver or gold petals, but also daffodils, tulips and decorative objects such as metal sculptures
    7. Children: plants placed on round support and more creative accessories
    8. Tai Chi: This area should be left as free; not be crowded or fenced.
    9. Gratitude: more light, strong colors, plants with inviting scents (jasmine, lilac, roses).

                                        Just BE CREATIVE,


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  • Wednesday, April 9, 2014

    Spring decor

           It’s spring! A lovely season with colorful natural beauties…  When spring comes, we awake like all nature around. Invasion of colors will come with spring. And inspired of this we should try to reproduce a decor at least as nice for our homes.

            This spring the most common colors will be the purple, green, lemon yellow and blue. Also Radiant Orchid (color of 2014) is one of the most requested color of this spring, one of the most powerful and feminine colors. These spring colors fit any decorating style.
    Textiles also have an enormous impact on décor. We can bring springlike atmosphere by using purple, yellow or red upholstery, maybe with some flowers or geometrical figures.

            For a very interesting visual effect we can use totally different color ranges (for example azure and yellow)
           Don’t forget about accessories. Of course, the best trick to obtain a springlike atmosphere in your home is to bring vases with flowers or poted flowers. Bouquets can be flowery with twigs, stones, shells, nuts or wedges. Other natural elements are stones. You can even put them in the same vase with flowers; it will enhance the freshness of the room. You can also use fruits, nuts, plates or baskets for a spring interior decor. They create a welcoming and friendly atmosphere.
                                              Till the next time my friends,