Friday, August 7, 2015

10 Interior Design Lessons You Can Learn From NATURE


     Take a moment and look around! You will observe that natural world is full of beautiful elements which make you smile and feel better. That’s why we should take a walk and bring some beauty indoors to create a feeling of harmony.

     There is no doubt, when we bring nature's elements indoors we feel happier, healthier, calmer, and at the same time we feel more energy and optimism.


1.       Bring Nature Indoor

Leaves, stones, twigs, acorns and other natural elements can create an amazing décor for your home. There are so many ways you can incorporate them. You can create a rock garden with stones you have collected, or you can put stones in a transparent vase with colorful flowers; pine cones and acorns with some flickering candles can make a beautiful centerpiece. Also you can use spray paint to paint some twigs and DIY something unique.


2.       Regard nature with an artist’s eye

Nature has inspired so many artists, so should we learn to regard nature with more consideration. For example when we see a rose we can observe how beautifully its color fades into ombre shades outward toward its graceful floral tips.

The beauty of the natural world is all around us, just waiting to inspire your home decor.


3.       Bring Color Shades Of Nature Indoors

Take a look outside your window. You can notice how outside colors can affect your mood. Green color is restful and calming for our eyes. Pastel colors have a relaxing energy, vibrant colors create an excitement in the entire house.

Another lesson nature teach us is that we shouldn’t be afraid to mix complementary colors. For example a leaf can be a bright green while its vein can be a bold white or bright red (colors which are opposite on the color whell).


4.       Even The Small Things Are Important

Every small element has a purpose in the natural world, so everything in our home should have a role. That’s why attention to details is an important aspect. Be sure every decorative element in your home is fulfilling its role. Remember that tiny things in life are equally important, just as the big ones.


5.       Beauty is simplicity

There is a mysterious aura about subtlety, grace and balance. The best example for this is nature itself. Such is God’s creation-it is not extravagant, but it is distinguished.


6.       Versatility

Nature means diversity! Colors, shapes and patterns are so vast and varying. By mixing colors and texture you can create a warm and liven it up.

Layer your home with pillows, blankets, rugs, lighting making it look like a bright summer day.


7.       Always grow and change

We should mimic nature’s change and growth within our home, because change is good and can open our eyes to a new interior design!

When was the last time you change something in your home? Try to move furniture around to choose another placement for it, ad a new paint on your doors.


8.       Nature’s Cycle

There are four cycles of nature and they are worthy to be “reproduced”. Follow nature’s cycle by making your home cozy in the winter and scaled-back in the summer.

 Therefore, during a cold fall and winter, try to warm up your home décor with rugs, fluffy blankets, accessories like candles, pine cones, twigs etc. But during the spring and summer months air and clean your home. Use transparent curtains, so sun can lighten-up your room. Beautiful, aromatic flower represent ideal accessories!


9.       Some Design in Nature Has A Purpose

As I mentioned above, everything has a purpose in nature and so should our home design.

While randomness has its place in design, something must be well planned. Kitchen is a room that requires careful placement and planning.

Like the rising sun awakens the birds, the moon wakes nocturnal animals, like clockwork etc.; all of this is purposeful and planed-just as our home design should be. Therefore plan your interior thoroughly, because a functional home is the root of all design.


10.   You’ll get better quality for less

Everyone knows that natural elements are not so expensive. Moreover, it goes without saying that using renewable materials in your interior design is good for the environment. Beyond that, it’s also easy for your wallet and sense of style.

You’ve probably been heard about the advantages of decorating with natural materials like marble, wood, metals, and clay. Natural materials are a good fit for areas that receive a lot of wear and tear.


Take note and bring these wonderful features of nature indoors.  You will be so happy that you did once you realize how nature has renewed the life of your interior design.



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    1. Wow! I adore these design lessons, so cute and so true. I think we need a closer contact with natur in order to be happier!

      1. Hi Rebecca! You are absolutely right! I think we need more NATURE in our life.

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