Saturday, December 29, 2012


On weekends I like to stay in my bed…reading, watching TV, solving crosswords...I often felt the need to place somewhere things I use. I put them under the bed or beside me, then ruin or ribed them. It was so uncomfortable and also all of them look horible and create an atmosphere of disorder. Suddenly an idea came to me a pocket to bed))) I am feeling much better now. Here I hold supplies, phone, book that I read, magazines, etc. Try this!

To make a bed-pocket you need: a piece of material with length about 62cm width 40cm, needle, thread and scissors. That's all

Let's start working!
1. Measure the length from the bed to the floor(subtract about 5-10cm in length for pocket not to touch the floor)

2. Then sew the fabric as illustrated

3. Fix it to your bed

4. Enjoy it :)