Monday, June 23, 2014

SWITZERLAND Interior Design Style

Interio design - swiss style "Silent refinement” is the best way to describe decorative style used in Swiss houses.

I think it’s a perfect place to rest and to get a warm feeling. If you want this refinement in your house, without moving in another country, follow these tricks:

                                     Swiss décor

To bring a Swiss air in your home you should start with painting your walls white, beige or even pale blue.

Fabrics are usually white and these are: wool or cotton.

Bouquets of fresh flowers play an important role in this country décor. Often leaves or small branches with berries are mixed in bouquets. Gardening is an important part of Swiss life, this activity providing them some food and fresh colors to decorate their homes.


Wood dominates the look of Swiss homes, especially country homes.

The walls, floors and furniture are usually made of wood, especially softwood essentially, uncoated and untreated. Moreover, you may see inside a home-style Swiss contains also and wooden boxes in which you can put clothes or other personal items.

Swiss floors are usually covered with terracotta tiles, but work areas are paved with brick tiles. Also you will notice bowls and pitchers of heavy porcelain tile or kept in buffets or shelf.

We can not talk about a Swiss house without mention the presence of stove inside it. Swiss house in the rural area has usually an extremely large living room. Here you can find a large terracotta stove that is brown, green or blue. So, this is the place where people can sit to talk, warming at the same time, when the weather is cold outside.

Swiss sofas have high back and are upholstered with sober colors being, often covered with fleece blanket and warm pillows. To wrap certain portions of the floor, the Swiss use rag rugs. Currently these materials are hard to find because they entered our market in a variety of types.                                  

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