Saturday, January 12, 2013

Kisses in the name of art

Natalie Irish is a very creative artist. She doesn’t use her hands to create mind-blowing masterpieces. Natalie is endowed with an unusual talent. She conquered the whole world with her works because this cute young artist paints only with her LIPS. Some media outlets decided to call her “Lipstick Artist”. By such method she created portraits of famous artists as: Kate Middleton, Marilyn Monroe etc. and a self-portrait.
I adore her works. I'm always glad when I see such original ideas. I wish her all the best and a lot of lipsticks)))

To make fetching pieces of art, Natalie also uses her thumbprints.


  1. Olá costumo ver o seu blog e gostei bastante deste post, os retratos são uma verdadeira obra de arte.
    Alexandra Melo

    1. Thank you Alexandra! You are so cute. I am overjoyed that you like my posts :) hugs