Saturday, January 5, 2013

Room colors and personality

Yellow- idealism, dreaming, pride
Green- balance, friendly, moral
Blue-green- sensible
Blue- confidence, conservative, reliable, loyalty
Purple- polite, vain
Lavender- sociable, civilized
Brown- trustworthy, conservative
Red- aggressive, impulsive
Dark red- ambitious, powerful
Pink- romanticism, charm, warmth
Orange- spirit of adventure, charm
White- modesty
Gray- care
Black- sophistication, mystery

Entrance and lobby- Through these zones people enter in your home, they are like a visit card. So, chosen color should convey the message “welcome”. Sometimes exterior color of the house is also found in hall.
Bedroom- Here colors have a very important role. But of course the colors should be in harmony, for example you may combine wall color with bedding color. Green is a relaxing color for any bedroom, while red is energizing. Other recommended colors for this room are: blue and pink.

Living room- Here you can use almost any color (don’t forget that color should be combined with furniture).
Kitchen- Here are some colors that should be avoided: blue, pink and orange. Why? Psychologists say that these colors may have a negative impact on our appetite and create an “eerie” atmosphere to a kitchen.
Bathroom- Is that room in which you may use any color; it is important to create a relaxing atmosphere, not oppressive atmosphere.

Gym- If you have such a room you should know that it is very important what color has its walls. Green should be banned because it is a very relaxing color, also pink that is a soothing color should be avoided. The best color for gym is red, because it stimulates the activity and energy.
Nursery (kids room) – Children are sensitive to many things: music, TV, games etc. So some colors may calm them while other can make them more fussy and nervous. Avoid dark room paints like: dark blue, red and black or bright white. Purple or lavender is a good choice. “Light” green and pink are relaxing color.


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