Saturday, February 23, 2013

15 Tips To Create A Perfect Bedroom

     I greet you again, dear readers. Today let's talk about the importance of proper arrangement of the bedroom. Have you ever had the feeling that your bedroom is not comfortable enough? I think the bedroom is the most important room in our house. Why? It’s simple, more than a third of our life we spend sleeping. Here we also read, watch TV, sometimes have breakfast etc. and because of this we should pay much attention to furniture arrangement, to the range of chosen colors…
Here I prepared some advices for your bedroom to be more comfortable and enjoyable.

  • An armchair or a comfortable little sofa invites us to linger on rainy days
  • The best room to be converted into bedroom has 3.50 x 3.50m and more
  • Distance between furniture should be at least 1.20m, so wardrobe can be opened easily
  • This room should be in the opposite side of the street to avoid traffic noise
  • If you want to be woken up by the first rays of the sun, your bedroom should be located in the eastern part
  • Those who want to have a bright bedroom all day should place it in the west
  • Your bed should be 20-25cm longer than your body length
  • If you use bedroom also for physical exercises, hide fitness equipment behind a screen devices or shelf with various ornaments
  • An interior with a lot of furniture tire
  • Curtains or drapes should be the same shade as the floor or carpet
  • It is indicated that all lights can be turned off lying in bed
  • Lighting includes 3 points: ceiling lamp with normal light, bedside lamp that helps us to read a book before bed and lights that relax us (for example spots that illuminate an wall or a special thing)
  • If your bedroom is small you have to paint walls in warm colors, in such way your room will look larger
  • Place the bed so that you have visual contact with the door, but do not sit too close to it
  • As teaching Feng Shui, if you want to relax after a hectic day, avoid furniture with protruding edges or corners
      I hope that these tips will help you get rid of all your worries and relax after a hard day of work. If you know more tricks for a better bedroom please share us all your thoughts or ideas.                
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                                     Doina :*



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