Saturday, February 9, 2013

Valentine's Day Decor

     Valentine’s Day is coming!!! Let’s make together this day special one! If you don’t know how to decorate your house for St. Valentine’s Day, here you can find some advices.
     Valentine’s Day is a day of love and romance, a day of chocolate and cards. No matter are you planning a special evening for you and your girlfriend/boyfriend or a party for your friends, you have to pay attention to details.
     Don’t forget red and pink are the traditional colors of Valentine’s Day. Red and pink are very emotionally intense colors, they mean passion, desire, sensitivity, romance, sexuality and love.
     Be creative! Make by yourself home accessories like:

Valentine Mailbox

(It would be better to sit in the lobby this mailbox. Your guests when they enter the house will put here greeting cards or candy for someone and at the end of the party Valentine Mailbox will be opened and gifts will be distributed)

Valentine’s Day balloons

(You can put them anywhere and everywhere)

Paper Curls Valentine Wreath

String of Hearts Garland

Cascading Hearts


(You can write his/her name by such a method)

Candles are some very important accessories on this day, especially if you spend it with your boyfriend / girlfriend. They create a romantic evening.

Hang Valentines on a Tree


Heart Napkin Fold

Did You Know?

 Approximately 200 million Valentine's Day cards are exchanged annualy, so Valentine's Day is the second most popular  "card sending" holiday after Christmas. Women purchase approx. 85% of all Valentine greeting cards.

   It is important to let your friends know they are appreciated! I hope this home decor will get your guests heart racing... HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY!!!

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