Saturday, March 16, 2013


     I am happy that you are interested in what I posted and I promise to continue give you useful advices in arranging your interior and decorating your home. Today’s post will be dedicated especially for persons who love jewelry.
     I think every lady likes to have a little collection of jewelry. Jewelry reflects a woman’s style and status in life. Everyone knows that accessories accentuate one’s look and bring out the personality.
     Often we don’t know were to put them. Every girl wants to have a jewelry box or something else designed specifically for accessories that rest on her nightstand in the bedroom. They provide a note of elegance and style in your interior.
     For keeping all your jewelry you don’t have to purchase expensive boxes that are "as all". Try to be original, try to be creative…Use all your imagination and make something special. You can make by yourself this kind of box containing different compartments for earrings, bracelets and rings. You can do something special by plaster, wires, everything... Just use your imagination.
     There are people that don’t want to keep them in a box but want to place them in such a way that they will always be visible and it will be more comfortable for them to choose something. Here I prepared for you, dear readers, some original ideas…some crafts that all of you can make by yourself.

     Today an original idea popped in my mind. I took a paper and a pencil and started to create something unique for my earrings. I decided to name it “Jewelry-tree.
     To show you the steps of making jewelry-tree I used cartoon and colored paper, but of course it is better to use thin wood/plywood and paint. I really hope that my idea captivates you and you will try to make it by yourself. I also think it would be a good gift for women from their sweethearts)))

     Cut 2 plywood pieces in the same form.

     Cut this 2 plywood pieces as in imagine, then overlap them.

     You can use other shapes, for example: a simple triangle, some fruit, fir tree (it will look like a Christmas tree full of toys).

                                        Doina ;)


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