Sunday, March 3, 2013

Should I buy a waterbed?

     As I mentioned in previous post, we spend more than a third of our life sleeping. Because of this buying a suitable bed should be one of our priorities.
     Waterbeds appeared about 3000 years ago. The ancient Persians were sleeping on goatskin field with water. The “modern” inventor of waterbed is William Hooper. He was a British physician. In 1851 he displayed a new mattress that was designed especially for patients suffering from diseases in the joints, especially in the back.
     Nowadays these beds are extremely popular, especially in Scandinavian countries and in the USA. Here they are used up to 25 % of population. A big advantage is the flexibility of the water mattress: mattress adapts to the body but not vice versa. This ensures optimal blood circulation. Also waterbed is very good for pregnant women.
     Numerous experiments proved that the time in which a person falls asleep on the water bed is shorter than those who sleep on a regular mattress. Due to its material that can be easily cleaned, these kinds of beds are also recommended by specialists for allergic persons.
     Moreover, nowadays mattresses can be heated, but there is no external difference between a regular bed and one filled with water.

     But there are also some disadvantages: for example a double waterbed weight at least 750kg. This is a big disadvantage for people who travel frequently or regularly change the position of their furniture in the room. If you want to move to another house, you have to shed all content of the mattress.
     Its price varies from each country. Also it depends on producer and material. A double bed cost can be round 1000-1500 euro, but leather beds are more expensive.
     If you want to buy such a bed it is recommended to receive guidance from certified counselors. They will bring the bed to your home and will fit the exactly amount of water needed.
     I do not have a waterbed but I often hear about its positive impact. I often have back pain, and I think to get such a bed. But I'm not sure if it will help me also it is expensive and and I doubt: to buy an orthopedic mattress or a waterbed? Dear readers if you know more about them please let us know ... If you have a waterbed tell me your opinions, I will be very thankful. I've always wanted to know: is it safe? I mean how durable is it? Can it be easily broken?
                           Waiting for you,
                                     Doina :)


  1. After I posted this article, one of my friends posted a comment on Google+ about these types of mattresses. Aaron wrote me "Water beds are awesome! My parents used to have a water bed for a long time. It lasted them a good 14 years until it got a hole in it somehow. I used to love sleeping in it as a kid. If u have money for a water bed, get one!". So, a week ago I bought it. Even if it is not cheap it's really very comfortable.

  2. I have never had one but i have hurt my back a few times. I have read that they are not a good idea for a bad back. Maybe your should see a chiropractor, who will also advise you on the type of bed for your back. Pilates core strengthen is good too.

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    1. Thank you a lot for your attention. I appreciate it!