Tuesday, September 24, 2013

No Cozy, No Cottage

     Hello my dears! Few days ago I was asked how to decorate a Cottage that is closed to sea, a mountain or river. (http://upgradesigner.blogspot.com/p/ask-me-anything.html)

     When we think about a cottage we imagine a warm, fresh, comfortable atmosphere. Why is it important to decorate your cottage properly? It is important because it is first of all a place to relax, a place where we spend our free time in order to escape from daily routine of ordinary environment. When we spend our holydays in a cabin we feel like a part of nature.


     Decorating a Mountain Cabin

     Let nature be your inspiration! Decorate a mountain cabin using natural wood, such as birch, cedar, or pine. We should use it for flooring, furniture, and decorative frames for picture and mirrors.

A perfect décor for a mountain cabin should contain some vintage, rustic elements and warm lighting. It is recommended to use warm tones, such as gold, rust, taupe… pale yellows, beige. Rugs, candles are inevitable elements for a mountain décor. Bedding is also an import decorative element in interior design. Thick, warm fabrics such as blankets of wool and flannel are typical in mountain cabins and lodges.

     We can not imagine a Mountain Winter-Cabin without a fireplace, because it keeps you warm and protected.


     Decorating a Sea-Cottage

     Natural wooden floors, pale, are a fundamental element for a beach-style house. But also you may use a carpet (light-colored, which will be similar to sand) that will accentuate the warm of the natural floor.

     In order to have a proper décor in your cabin near sea you should maintain Simplistic style. Also it is recommended to use transparent curtains to bring sunshine inside. Really there are no firm rules when it comes to color, but colors should provide freshness to beach house. You can find more information and pictures about such kind of cabin on another post: http://upgradesigner.blogspot.com/2013/07/beach-house.html


     Decorating a Lake or River Cottage

     Living near a lake or a river is something many people dream of. Seeing the lake/river at different times of day, going out on the water in a boat, canoe, and watching the nature around you is awesome! Don't spend a fortune decorating it when casual accessories delight the eye and fit the vacation theme. It is recommended to use rustic accessories. Also you can bring some outdoor elements in your home. For example you may put some river rocks in a vase with flower (the result will be lovely). You will also discover ways to warm up a rustic cabin with hooked wool pillows and rugs, wall décor (paddles, fishing equipment), bedding in a moose or bear theme or hand carved decoys and folk art… If it is autumn, you can fulfill a vase with colorful leaves inside flowers.

     For a lake/river cottage it is recommended to use dark warm colors.


     I have to mention that there are not a set of rules for decorating a cabin. Owners of cabins enjoy the freshness and simplicity of the outdoors and bring the tranquility of the great outdoors into decorating the cabin.

    Look out your cabin window and nature will inspire you when decorating your cabin! Rememer: If It's Not Cozy, It's Not Cottage!

     I hope my tips are useful for you,

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  1. y que te parec el estilo steampumk ? , no crees que seria fabuloso en la montaña una cabaña con ese estilo ??(and you seemed steampumk style? , Do not you think it would be fabulous in a cabin with that mountain style?)

    1. Hi! As i said there are not a set of rules for decorating a cabin. Owners of cabins decorate their cabins as they want. Your idea about steampunk style is really awesome! I like it. It is practical and camfortable at the same time.. Rusty metal,copper, bronze, leather, salvaged woods and machinery detailing charachterize the steampunk style and these accesories suits perfect a mountain cabin decor! Thnak you!

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    1. Aww...Thank you so much! I really try to make it helpful. hug