Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Beach house


     It is summer B’) It’s my favorite season and I want a special decoration during this period. I want my room to be a fresh, calm, relaxing place. So, I decided to decorate it in marine style and I give you the same advice. It is not necessarily about a home that is near the beach; the tips that follow also are for those who want to decorate their home in a marine/beach style.  Many people prefer this style in their rooms because it conveys a sense of calm and relaxation.  For obtain a design specific for this style you should take the decor inspired by nature. You could bring home elements of sand, waves to create a tranquil setting.

     Of course, first of all you have to avoid clutter because beach décor a little resembles minimalist style. So, you don’t need a lot of décor elements.

     Maintain simplicity and use completing colors. Use more wood in your interior. Moreover, it is recommended to use slatted blinds or (loose) transparent curtain.

     Choose the colors inspired by sea for paint the walls. Any of the cold colors on the color: pastel blue, pink any other natural colors suits. Also it is recommended to use some completely white materials – that confer a fresh air to any room.

     Natural wooden floors, pale, are a fundamental element for a beach-style house. But also you may use a carpet (light-colored, which will be similar to sand) that will accentuate the warm of the natural floor.

     Another solution would be to use osier chairs. They look awesome and offer more seats. Osier furniture creates the sense of “Beach Bungalow”.  And the glass jars filled with flowers pleasantly completes the decor.

     Don’t forget about exterior design. Outside you could use Adirondack chairs assorted with a table. Use warm lighting objects (candles) in order to offer privacy to décor. Also plant some specific beach flowers.

Enjoy more pictures of beach style interiors:

P.S. Thank you Aaron, you are a very good friend (hug)

           Till the next time,

                           Doina :)



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