Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Christmas lights

Hello Dear All!

     As you observe, I continue posting articles about decorating the house for this beautiful holiday CHRISTMAS, which is my fovorite. Today I decided to talk about Christmas lights.
     We are accustomed to decorate around the house with Christmas lights  but inside we use them to decorate only Christmas tree . Christmas lights are very beautiful accessories, the advantage is that they are not very expensive. They make a room feel cozy and romantic, make our homes so energized and magical.
There are no doubts that Christmas lights give your home a special charm. Due to them, home looks warmer and slightly enclosed.
     I think adding them into your bedroom is a good choice. They will create a super romantic atmosphere. Lights can be added in any bedroom in the house: in the master bedroom, in a guest room, children’s bedrooms, in bachelor pad or even in dorm room.
     Don't put them in the bathroom! When I searched for some photos on "Christmas lights" I found some where people put them in the bathroom. Don't forget that that this space is often steamed because of this it is very dangerous, especially if there are children in the house.
     Why not to put Christmas light in the kitchen? I thinks it's also a good choice. Imagine how it look when turn of the light and on the kitchet table are some candles, beatiful wine glasses that reflect the light from candles and Christmas lights. Isn't it beautiful?

       There are many different ways they can be incorporated in different rooms:

  • they can be placed around a mirror
  • along the ceiling
  • around a window
  • on drapes
  • on balusters
  • around the bed

     There are some images to get inspired to decorate your own house for the holidays with string lights, take a look through this images. Do not forget that they can be used to decorate for the holiday season, but they can also stay up all year round if they fit in with your decor. Let us know what you think/what ideas do you have...

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