Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Spring decor

       It’s spring! A lovely season with colorful natural beauties…  When spring comes, we awake like all nature around. Invasion of colors will come with spring. And inspired of this we should try to reproduce a decor at least as nice for our homes.

        This spring the most common colors will be the purple, green, lemon yellow and blue. Also Radiant Orchid (color of 2014) is one of the most requested color of this spring, one of the most powerful and feminine colors. These spring colors fit any decorating style.
Textiles also have an enormous impact on décor. We can bring springlike atmosphere by using purple, yellow or red upholstery, maybe with some flowers or geometrical figures.

        For a very interesting visual effect we can use totally different color ranges (for example azure and yellow)
       Don’t forget about accessories. Of course, the best trick to obtain a springlike atmosphere in your home is to bring vases with flowers or poted flowers. Bouquets can be flowery with twigs, stones, shells, nuts or wedges. Other natural elements are stones. You can even put them in the same vase with flowers; it will enhance the freshness of the room. You can also use fruits, nuts, plates or baskets for a spring interior decor. They create a welcoming and friendly atmosphere.
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