Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Feng Shui for your terrace and balcony (plants)


       The word "feng" denotes "wind" and "shui" means "water". Applying some essential features of these elements in terms of arranging the patio or balcony, we will definitely achieve harmony with nature. Arrangement of terraces through the plant plays a central role in the teaching of Feng Shui.

       Feng Shui describes 9 areas (Bagua), which represents the major themes of everyone's life: career, family, money, friends, etc. Let’s see how to obtain a balance :

  1. Career: blue flowers, flowing (Orchid Flower Bell, etc.), round stones, ceramic decorations and accessories.
  2. Your relationship: red and yellow flowers in pots, rectangular in shape.
  3. Wealth: pots with geraniums and gladiolas
  4. Science: colors of yellow and orange, and a corner furnished with a chaise (for reading)
  5. Family: plants that are high (eg bamboo)
  6. Friends: flower with silver or gold petals, but also daffodils, tulips and decorative objects such as metal sculptures
  7. Children: plants placed on round support and more creative accessories
  8. Tai Chi: This area should be left as free; not be crowded or fenced.
  9. Gratitude: more light, strong colors, plants with inviting scents (jasmine, lilac, roses).

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