Saturday, October 18, 2014

Most Expensive Piece of Furniture Ever Sold

The badminton chest the most expencive piece of furniture

     This piece of art was crafted by 30 craftsmen. It was made in Florence, Italy and it was commissioned by the 3rd Duke of Beaufort, Henry Somerset when he was 19 years old (1726). The Ebony Cabinet Chest received its nickname “Badminton Chest” due to the fact that this expensive furniture was residing in the village of Badminton in England for nearly two centuries.

     It was sold in 2004 to the Prince Hans Adam II of Liechtenstein, and nowadays it is situated in the Liechtenstein Museum.

     This cabinet also has impressive dimensions - almost four meters high and two and a half wide.

How do you think, how many time it took for craftsmen do create such a beautiful and expensive cabinet?

  1. 6 months
  2. 3 years
  3. 6 years

     The answer is c) it took 30 experts six years to complete it.

     It is the most expensive piece of furniture ever sold at auction. The price of “Badminton Cabinet” is 36.700.000$.

     Why it is so expensive? The entire frame of the cabinet has been given a generous fill of gold and wooden ornaments. It is inlaid with amethyst, quartz, agate, lapis, lazuli and other stones. Those who have an appetizing desire on antiquities need to see this creation.

     I am absolutely sure that this cabinet worth it’s price!


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  1. OMG :O 36.700.000$. I agree with you Doina, it worths its price...