Thursday, October 2, 2014

9 Simple Ways to Refresh Your Room

Fresh Home Decor

     Sometimes we feel uncomfortable in our own house. Why this happens? Maybe there is not a balance, the colors are too gloomy and you need some bright accessories… try to find the problem.


  1. Clean your room

       This is the first rule you have to know. Don't throw your things or drop them on the carpet or bed. Try to use hangers or laundry basket for your clothes and some decorative boxes for your books or some accessories. It will also help you to be more organized.

Remember: less is more. Too many accessories can make the room feel chaotic. Minimalism is better in this case..


  1. Go Green!

        Place some flower vases in your room. Plants are essential for a successful interior. Aromatic herbs in a kitchen window box will be a good choice.


  1. Let it shine

       Install different types of lighting throughout the room. Add accent lighting to set the mood. Use multiple lights towards the ceiling and walls. This reflected light provides a soft glow.

Don’t forget about candles. When you want to create a cheerful atmosphere, just light some candles.


  1. Change fabrics and textiles.

       Lighten up your house by changing heavy fabrics for airy ones. Take down your old drapes and replace them with an open weave such as chiffon or organza. Change out dark throw pillows by adding bright colors or even modern, floral patterns.


       5. Remember the Power of White Paint

"White reflects light, so it sends off a wonderful energy, a prism of color that you aren't necessarily aware of," says designer Susan Noble Jones.


       6. Make a Colorful Statement in the Entry

First impressions count. This is why I think you have to make something extraordinary in entry halls. You can obtain such an effect by using really creative wallpapers.


  1. Decorate with what you love

A perfect house for you is a house that contains things that make you happy and satisfied. That’s why you have to decorate as you want!


  1. Hang a Picture or Painting

       It is the simplest of all DIY home-improvement projects. In fact, it’s almost impossible to do it wrong. Just place a colourful piece of art on a gloomy wall...


9. Reuse, Replace, Recycle

      Being eco-friendly is essential. Make your own contribution to saving our planet while saving money. Reuse your old furniture, frames etc.



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