Thursday, February 4, 2016

10 Creative Ideas for Small Balcony, Terrace or Patio


     Those who have a balcony or a terrace should consider themselves lucky. It is an extremely useful and necessary extra space for your house or apartment. Balcony is an ideal space for relaxing and getting rest after a hard day.

     If you have a hobby, try to arrange everything for it at balcony and spend time there doing what you like. And you will see how creative ideas and inspiration will follow you.

     It’s not a secret that morning cool fresh air clean our mind from negative thinking and give us a punch to do new great things. That’s why it is recommended to make balcony, the terrace or patio a cozy place where you can wait for sunrise and start day drinking your coffee or doing morning exercises.

     Usually a balcony or a patio is not big enough to place here the furniture we want. For an effective balcony and patio design follow these 10 space-saving tricks:

1.       The goal is to bring the outdoors inside and use the beauty of nature. Put colorful plants that have long life or a climbing plant. It would not take your “dwelling” space and will freshen up it.

2.       Paint the walls with pale colors creating the illusion of space. It will also look aesthetic and natural.

3.       Don’t forget about lighting. There are several ways to put it. Use warm lighting in order you want spend time here reading your favorite book, or decorate with candles for a romantic evening with your beloved or family. Moreover, you can hang bistro lights to turn the terrace into a cozy one. But make sure that every time you leave the balcony or the terrace you will turn them off (especially candles).

4.       Use a maximum of 3 colors. One of this color may be green (in combinations with plants). If you use a lot of colors in such a small place you will make it looking too busy, that won’t let you relax completely. But it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use a bright color as accents.

5.       Try to use furniture with incorporated containers, where you can store your little accessories, table games etc.

6.       Use wood furniture with natural upholstery. Make sure it is moisture resistant.

7.       Add a small table. Something like coffee table. They are ideal when you have visitors and you want to play a table game or when they need somewhere to put drinks.

8.       You can even turn your balcony into an Asian style lounge area with soft pillow directly on the floor. Moreover, it is easy and inexpensive.

9.       Use simple soft curtains (like canopy). They don’t offer you just privacy, but also protect you from mosquitos and add a special charm to the balcony, terrace or patio.

10.   Add a hammock to your terrace.

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