Monday, February 22, 2016

12 Ways To Make A Small Space Look Bigger

  • Paint with Light Hues such as white, cream, pale colors. The fact is that dark colors absorb light but light colors reflect it making the room look bigger.


  • Paint your ceiling in dark color. You can opt even for a pop color. While pale colors on walls “opens” your space, a dark ceiling creates the illusion of high ceiling and add depth. It will also drive the eye upward.


  • Use mirrors. Everybody knows that the reflection makes a room look bigger.


  • Colors of drapes you choose should be the same as the color of your walls. This trick will make your room look bigger. You can also opt for sheer drapes.


  • Lighting is another important factor in making your space look bigger. Opt for overhead lights because they spread the light around.


  • Don’t forget that natural light best opens your space. Take advantage of it.


  • Another way to create the illusion of spaciousness is to choose the furniture with exposed legs instead of a sofa with skirt or an armchair without legs.


  • Leave some sections on shelves empty. Don’t fill up every exposed storage place. There are no doubts that leaving empty spaces will give your small room an airy look.


  • Choose a dining table that can be made smaller or larger so you can make it smaller when it is not in use. Such kind of furniture is ideal for small spaces.


  • Pushing furniture up against the wall makes everything look and feel cramped. Even just few inches in between the wall and your bigger items can make the space look more open.


  • Opt for striped fabric or rugs to make your room look longer. If you don’t enjoy stripes choose fabrics with small prints or even plain colors. This will visually expand your room.


  • There exists a color code for accessories and your favorite items in small spaces. Arrange them by color and height. Doing this, you will turn the clutter into a creative arrangement with personality.

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