Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Asian air in your home

     Asian style is an increasingly popular choice in a lot of countries because of exoticism that it prints, but also due to elements that provide a certain comfort and wellbeing. Here are some design ideas for a house with “Asian flavor”!

     Many have the impression that Asian interior design involves only adding a few letters or symbols on a wall oriented features, but the Asian decor requires a more comprehensive understanding of the phenomenon than the simple insertion of linguistic symbols.

     One of the most important things in an Asian house is natural light. In the past, Asian home was built primarily on that idea; being designed in such a way that sunlight will be enough to cover the whole house (this idea has changed in current Asian homes).

     First of all, you should choose proper color. Don’t forget that Asian style is characterized by a few colors - red, brown, gold, gray and cream. In Asian culture red is considered a color that brings luck in your home. Anyway, earth tones colors best describes Asian style.

     Natural materials such as bamboo, rice paper and stone are specific elements of Asian décor. Shoji room dividers, picture frames, candles and bamboo, stone garden fountains are perfect for completing additional accessories decor.

          Another classic element of Asian interior design is gong. If you liked this article you can buy a small gong to be hanging on the wall as art object. Gongs are charming and help maintain oriental ambience.

     Decorating the walls is another important element. Written scrolls with Chinese symbols will increase the effect of an Asian ambience in your decor. Japanese Noren curtains that are designed especially for doors can also be used for decorating walls.

     Using sacred animals is a good idea to add a sense of oriental home décor (elephants in particular). They are symbol of physical and mental as well as responsibility and loyalty. Elephants bring good luck and prosperity, according to Asian gods.

     The Buddhist religion has a strong influence on Asian décor. Try adding wooden Buddha statues to your bookshelves. They will give you a feeling of peace and relaxation to general ambience of the house.

     Goza mats are also very popular. In Japan, they are used for walking and sleeping. These coverings for floors or benches will add a touch of authentic Asian style of your room

     Because Asian culture focuses on nature, adding decoration plants is required. Bonsai trees are a valid option for continuing cultural modeling. Also you may put bamboo in bedroom or/and bathroom.

     Finally, we must not forget that Asian decor is characterized by a minimalist style. Do not overload your home with too many Asian accents. Some Asian-inspired key will have a much better cultural attraction you are looking for.


                                                       Doina :)


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