Wednesday, August 28, 2013

“Tears Off” Wallpaper


     Hello my friends! I'm sa glad you like my previous post with famous interior designers quotes :) It's really motivational for me! A few hours ago I browsed an old industrial design magazine and I found something very original. So I decided to share this with you.

     While many people would rather have the ease of painting a room, there are others who like the challenge and beauty of a perfect wallpapering job. Paint is much easier to apply than wallpaper. Wallpaper can be very difficult to apply, and even harder to remove. But nothing brings such an effect and elegance as wallpaper. You can paper a whole room, just one wall, or have a simple border printed up for you.

    When planning the wall features for your new home many people (even interior designers) often overlook the importance of  wallpaper design as a practical and easy option  for an interior design feature.


   In that magazine I found information about “Tears off”, that is a creative modular wallpaper. This wallpaper is glued directly onto your wall only after you've painted underneath, then the color is revealed by peeling away perforated pieces in a design of your choosing. By tearing off pieces of the wallpaper, you can create your own unique space. Also it is an extremely easy and creative process. “Tear Off” wallpaper was launched in 2009. This wallpaper was created by Studio Hausen for ZNAK in collaboration with industrial designer Aldo Kroese.

                                 Have a Wonderful Day!

                                                  Doina (hug)


  1. Adorei este post ando com o problema, de quer fazer uma parede diferente já pensei usar aquelas tiras para pintar usar tiras autocolantes, já pintei uma porta dessa forma mas é um desenho geométrico, não é o que pretendo.Com eles fazer desenho geométricos mas o que queria era como a ultima foto como fazer pode-me explicar eus ou portuguesa, e o seu blog está em inglês o meu PC não est+a a traduzir mas vou publicar no meu blog e claro dou os créditos devidos.
    Alexandra Melo

    1. Thank you Alexandra! I like so much your blog! It's so beautiful and informative! Thank you for share it!

  2. This is a nice design, Doina! I've tried this style around a year ago, and I'm satisfied with the results. However, I'm glad I didn't finish the project all by myself. My contractor has been very supportive in finishing a fantastic wall for me. Are you using this tears off wallpaper too? :)

    Jolene Uhler @

    1. I agree with you. Unfortunately I have noo such kund of wallpapers but I really want them on my walls. Therefore I decided to buy such kind of wallpaper in some mounths. I already have some ideas ;)