Sunday, November 24, 2013

Baby room


     Safety should be your primary concern. Therefore think about these tips all the way through the design process.


  • If you have a choice between several rooms in your house for the nursery, choose the one that is closest to yours so that you don't have to walk across the house in the middle of the night.


  • It is recommended to put the crib close to the entrance in order to avoid different incident (tripping over toys for example) when you enter in baby room in the middle of the night. But don’t put it near the window. Remember! It is very important not to let your baby to sleep with his head near the door. Psychologists say that your child must have visual contact with the door. The child should see who enter in their room, unless he would feel unsafe and uncomfortable.


  • The slats of the crib must be vertical, unless your baby might use the slats for climbing out. Pay attention to the space between slats! If the space between slats is big the baby can get his or her head stuck.


  • Do not place any shelving above the crib, because the things on the shelves might fall onto the crib.


  • Consider your budget. Of course, everyone wants the best for their children. He’s a child and you have to get used to the spots on the carpet, with drawings on the walls and so on... Because of this it is not necessary to buy expensive wallpaper, carpets etc. in baby room. You should focus on buying things that are first of all functional, beautiful secondly.


  • Drapes are inevitable things in baby's room, because they protect the baby from bright light during sleep. But it is not necessary to hang black drape or dark one. Make sure that drape covers entire window.


  • Cover any electrical outlets with plastic fasteners as a safety precaution.


  • Don’t forget about decorating the ceiling. Your baby will spend a lot of time on his or her back, looking at the ceiling. Be sure not to hang anything from the ceiling that could fall and hurt the baby.



  • When it comes to choosing a color for your baby’s nursery, keep in mind these things: the brighter the color the more energy your baby will have. You can still use vibrant, dark and light colors, just in moderation, such as accessories.

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  1. When my daughter is still a baby, I made sure that her crib is not so near at the window. She may grab colds and chills.

    1. Hi Kate. You did right... It may be dangerous to put a crib so near at the window.

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