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How Room Colors Can Affect Your Baby



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          When it comes to choose a color for your baby’s nursery, keep in mind these things: the brighter the color the more energy your baby will have. The darker the color the more sad your baby will be. The lighter the color the less your baby’s brain will be stimulated for healthy development. You can still use vibrant, dark and light colors, just in moderation, such as accessories. Colors could affect baby’s development process, therefore choose carefully and wisely.


  • Red should be avoided wall to wall. You may use just pinches of this color or paint a single wall, because too much red encourages aggressive behavior and a lack of focus. Of course the psychological effects of the color red depend very much on its intensity. Bright red can make your baby feel like the walls are closing in on you.


  • Orange-one of the most comfortable color. It’s a bright and energetic color. But use orange in moderation as it can be over stimulating.


  • Subtle yellow promotes concentration, memory and emotive thoughts. However, too bright yellow can agitate a baby.


  • Green is one of the most recommended colors for nursery. It creates a relaxed environment where learning is enhanced. The most popular decorating color symbolizes nature. Maybe you didn’t know but green can improve vision because it’s the easiest color on the eye.


  • Blue is also a calming color. If you have a rather fussy baby it is recommended to paint his or her room blue (not dark blue). And if you have a child who refuses to eat, avoid blue plates!


  • I don’t recommend you to have a white room for your baby because studies have shown that white promote secretiveness and those babies in a white room are withdrawn, shy, and don’t develop as fast as those with colored rooms. And of course are inevitable, therefore white is not a good choice.


  • Pink is a feminine color and it offers calming effects. Painting your baby girls’ entire room pink may cause a bit of a princess attitude and rebel one.


  • Use black in moderation. You can use dark colors only in a room with big windows and lots of natural lighting. Black absorbs the light, which can make it feel heavy and overbearing.


  • Purple-the color of royalty. Bluish purples can be serene and calming. Reddish purples demand more attention and can dominate a room, so it should be used sparingly.


  • Psychological effects of the color brown are often described as reassuring, safe and stabilizing. Little boys are more apt to say that brown is one of their favorite colors.


  • If you want to use gray, use a warm tone and mix in some brighter colors, with colors that “pop” like pink, turquoise, or orange, it will calm the other colors down just enough. Too much gray in nursery promotes sadness and loneliness.

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