Saturday, March 1, 2014

Furniture arrangement - tips

       Even if it may seem like a strange exercise, consider the living space as a city with several major arteries and transpose this picture in the room you want to arrange. Depending on the areas that you will move on and leave about 1 meter wide for main access path, 50-60 inches in front of windows, stove or fireplace and 40-50 cm distance between furniture. Therefore, dimensions of furniture, reported to one another and then to room size, needs to create one harmonious space.


- If the door opens inwards, furniture should be located so as to allow its total opening.

- To create a feeling of intimacy is recommended to place the furniture in small groups and vice versa to give the feeling of lightness, leave big gaps between them.

- If the “purpose” of the room is fun, then furniture should be inserted and removed easily from the background without affecting its aesthetics.

- Between the sofa and chairs should be a space of 1.2 to 2 m.

- If you have a coffee table in front of the sofa, seat location will be typically 35-45 cm to it.

- The TV should be placed at a distance equal to three times the screen size.

- About 90 cm. are recommended for corridor traffic, but if you are part of a large family or have more children, it is advisable to dedicate more than 1.2 m.

- The ideal location of the bed is 60 cm from the wall, and between the bedroom door (the bathroom) and terminal edge of the bed is recommended for 90-92 cm space.


    Retain: all this dimensions depends first of all on your attitude about comfort.

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  1. Good read. Spacing between each furniture seems to be important to keep a smooth foot traffic flow. Thanks for posting.

  2. Good post. Investing in good quality wooden furniture is often a wise choice. Thanks for posting.