Saturday, March 15, 2014

"Ghost" furniture

     We all need to live in a room with enough space for the necessary furniture. Unfortunately some of us don’t have large enough rooms. Therefore we feel the need to purchase furniture that provides the functional part, but not also aesthetics.

     This problem seems to have a solution with the appearance of "ghost" (transparent) furniture. Therefore, if you're looking to add some futuristic pieces of decor to your home interior, then these creatively transparent furniture pieces will definitely add elegance and freshness to your home even if it is small or it is large.

     The great advantage of the transparent furniture is that it easily adapts to any style of interior design, even to rustic style (though rarely used). Another big advantage I’ve mentioned above is that it "ignores" the size of the space, which is very important.

     Furniture with transparent elements is the latest trend in interior design. Because of this, designers use “ghost” furniture in any rooms - in offices, living rooms, dining rooms, even in children's rooms.

But if you do not dare to use large transparent objects, you can opt for some smaller “ghost” lamps, shelves, accessories, transparent storage containers etc.

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                                                               Doina :)

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