Sunday, March 23, 2014

“Polka dots” in interior design

     Merry, cheerful polka dots are sure to become the focal point of any room. There is no doubt that polka dots improve our mood. They can refresh a dull room. Dots provide visual depth and emotional interest decor. This is why they are recommended for small rooms.

     Nowadays you can see dots on many things. But do you know dear reader, the provenience of them on accessories, clothes and so on? I’m going to tell you the history of the splats in a couple of sentences, not to deviate from main theme.

     Fashion of the dots was on Polish immigrants in the early 1800s, which made known their dance Polka worldwide, and with it-dots items on their bulky dresses.  Since then, bullets were found on everything: clothes, hats, glasses, home accessories, even in art.

     Even if they are used in the interior in “small doses”, Polka dots also have the unique ability to make us happy just by looking at this pattern. Using this kind of decoration you can print it on walls, rugs, pillows, towels, shower curtains, kitchen curtains, sofas, chairs and armchairs, especially if the curtains and keep the same print.

     If we properly integrate them into the whole decor, splats can be found in almost any interior design style, except in the rustic, vintage or minimalist one. Also, depending on the size, density and color of the bullet, we can get a childish, male or female result.   

     If you want to cover smaller areas with dots, opt for decorative cushions, bedding, some photo frames, a vase or a small carpet.

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