Monday, June 30, 2014

Feng Shui - red color

Feng shui red white living room wall decal

     Feng Shui has its origin in China and it is an ancient art. These two words mean "wind and water". This concept is based on the idea that people, places and things have energy that materializes in the art of interior design in order to achieve balance and harmony in relation with the environment. For many Chinese is just a specific way to arrange the furniture in a room. Therefore, Feng Shui has the role to ensure a positive flow of energy and "wind & water".

     Colors have a specific meaning for this kind of art. Through them we can bring positive energies into the space in which we live. Each color represents energy that can influence emotional and physical state.

     Easiest perceived color by the human eye is red. Red is associated with the fire element, is the color of power and energy. This color can mean danger or happiness, feeling of warmth, kindness. Also, in Feng Shui red signifies richness and luxury.

     Even if this color has so many benefits it should be used sparingly. Excess of red brings excitement and twitter. You will not go wrong if you will use red for color accents. A single wall decoration will become the focal point of the room. As an accent color, red can be applied to the pieces of furniture or decorative objects (vases, candles, pillows) or Feng Shui decorative elements (red horse, phoenix, magic knot etc.).

     In the bathroom and kitchen, you can opt for a red furnishings and white color to balance the power of these accents. Luminaires offer another way to introduce this energizing color in room decor. Oversized red luminaries will give a contemporary look. Although this color is not recommended in the bedroom and children’s room because it prevents the rest, red can be used in small quantities.


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