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7 Common Mistakes In Arranging Your Interior

     Hi everybody! As I promised in previous post, this article will contain information about mistakes we often make in arranging our rooms. In order to avoid them we should pay much attention to details. Of course, without trying we wouldn’t know that it is wrong :). As said Albert Einstein “Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new”.

  1. Too many accessories

Too many accessories will create an impression of disorder. So, it is very important for you to use just some elements of décor, so to give a “feature” to your interior, without creating an impression of chaos.

  1. Mats in the bathroom

Carpets in the bathroom are one of the most common mistakes. Even I had a carpet in my bathroom. It was so uncomfortable… Why I consider this a mistake? Because mats in the bathroom haven’t any practical utility (I'm talking about fiber carpets). They retain moisture, reduce the space, look unaesthetic and “walk” continuously… It is recommended to use a dark rubber mat or the same color as the floor. If you can’t imagine your big bath without a mat you should use nonskid on your floor.

  1. Too many prints

There is no doubt that many people like prints in their interior but very often they make excess. You shouldn’t ever forget that prints, as accessories, have the role to accentuate a part of room which is least observed.

  1. Exposition in your room

The secret is that your interior design has to be particular. Sometimes we admire beautiful projects of famous designers and we reproduce them in our own house. Very often it looks like an irritating exposition, devoid of personality.

  1. Cables everywhere…

Cables confer to you room disorder and they destroy the beauty of the room. Try to hide or cover them.

  1. “Floating” furniture

Another common mistake deals with carpet arranging. You shouldn’t place it in the center of room, without associating it with another element. Unfortunately, furniture around the carpet will look unbalanced. This effect (mistake) is called by designers “floating furniture”. So, you have to fix the carpet using a coffee-table, an armchair or a sofa.

  1. Glowing paint for old houses

If you have an old house or irregular walls it is recommended to use matt paint. It will help you to hide imperfections and bumps.


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