Wednesday, May 7, 2014

20 painting tips you didn't know


       We know that painting is a messy and not so pleasant job that need a lot of time. Here are some hacks that will help you to save time and will give you some new ideas

   1. Swiffer the walls before painting. You have to start with a perfectly clean and smooth surface to end up with perfectly painted walls or woodwork.

painting tip - swiffer a wall

   2. Use a primer to fill holes

   3. Cover a paint tray with aluminum foil (or a plastic bag) to avoid cleaning it every time. So you won't have to buy new tray often.

   4. Use a degrease because paint will not stick to a dirty surface

   5. If you want to paint over another painted surface it is important to know what kind of paint it was (latex or oil). How to know it? very simple: put some drops of alchool on a cotton pad and rub it on the painted surface. If the paint remains on the cotton pad it means that it is latex based paint, unless it's oil (if it is oil-based, you need oil-based primer before starting)

   6. You can also use cotton pads that contain alcohol to clean small paint messes.

   7. If you want to paint metallic surface, wipe it down with vinegar. It keeps the paint from cracking.

painting tip - clean metal

   8. Actually you can use white vinegar for any surfaces (it will make the paint to last longer). Just let it dry, then paint.

   9. If you paint a wall with a roller then you should start from the bottom.

   10. Protect objects from paint using plastic wrap.

   11. To avoid messy we often need a tape. If it is old and won’t roll then place your tape in the microwave for few seconds (less then 30)

   12. You can paint even a concrete.

painted stairs

   13. If you want to spray-paint an object, put it in a cardboard to avoid mess.

     painting tip - spray paint in a cardboardpainting tip - spray paint in a cardboard

   14. If you are going to paint an old piece of furniture, use wood filler if there are hols and scratches.

   15. When you finished to paint and there remained paint, cover the open can with plastic wrap and then put the lid and close the can (it keeps the lid from sticking).

   16. To paint an antique “shabby chic” piece of furniture, rub a candle over the wood. Then, delicately wipe the wax off. Some of the wood will show through, giving you a worn look.

painting tip - wax rubbing on furniture

   17. Add some droms of vanilla or lemon extract to your paint and mix the liquid very well. It will certainly lessen the smell of paint.

   18. Rub a (dry) painted surface that is rough with a brown paper bag instead of a sandpaper, because it may leave visible scratches.

   19. Use hot vinegar to clean the brushes (put brushes in a vase with hot vinegar for half an hour)

painting tip - clean brush from paint

   20. If you want to paint the walls it should be warm in your room. The paint will spread more smoothly and absorb faster at high temperature.


  1. Wish I knew most of these things before I move here and started Painting
    Great tips

    1. Thank you Anita! Yeah, it always happens to me: I found what I needed (but it's too late) and don't find when I really need an advice, an idea((