Thursday, May 1, 2014

7 ways to add color to your room



     Do you feel sometimes that your room is a little boring? That it’s not “alive” and need more energy and fun? You may solve this problem by adding more colors. Making a contrast of colors or putting different colors on a neutral background (especially white) is a really great trick.

     Even if color is a personal thing, don’t forget to take into account your design style, your home's aesthetic, and, of course, your own tastes, because mixing too much colors in a wrong place will create a sensation of disorder. Don’t ignore little pinches of color in your room. They catch your eyes and become focal point and make the entire room more enjoyable.

     You get some ideas from following images:

1. Bright pillows on a white couch


2. Colored cabinets


3. Fresh flowers in painted vases


4. Eye-catching contrast

Use bright and a neutral hue (pink and gray, yellow and gray, blue and beige etc.)


5. Colorful frames


6. Sorted accessories on shelves

7. Use bright curtains

They will make a great color effect when sun will shine through your window.


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