Wednesday, June 25, 2014

The most unusual Interior Design project

     You can find this unique and unusual interior design (for a bar) in Venice. It is called “The drunken bar” and it’s a Venetian Wanderings. Designer of this special room is Tobias Rehberger, who has a lot of projects with the same idea, namely to create a very special illusion. A characteristic feature of the interior design is that is creates a strong impression. Guests of this bar can easily get drunk even without using any alcohol. Feature of the interior is also its complete draining and masking objects and interior elements with each other. Design goal was to create a mood associated with hunting and militancy. Such design destroys and distorts reality. The result of this distortion is that you can not either see some of the items or can’t pinpoint the location of furniture or interior space. The concept of «La Biennale» is - consciousness can’t sort and correctly interpret the "funky" colors and images that distort reality and our own reality. crazy interior design unusual interior design


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