Saturday, June 21, 2014

How to choose a pot depending on the type of plant

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     Choosing the right pot for the plant is as important as the proper light source and watering. So, how should it be? How big? What color to choose? Made of clay or plastic?

     Some of these questions are less important. But if you want your plant to grow healthy and fine, you should pay attention to its dimensions and the material from which the pot is made. Unfortunately, we select often just a pot which fit better in the room décor, without looking at other criteria.

     Plants that don’t need much water have to be set into a clay pot. This allows air and water to circulate through it, facilitating earth drying.

     Plastic pots are ideals for plants that love moisture, because they don’t let the air to circulate. Therefore, plants that do not need a high level of humidity shouldn’t be set into a plastic one, otherwise plant roots will rot.

     Type of the root is another criterion to look at. For example, plants with short, little root, such as cacti may be set into a small pot. Plants with turning root require depth, so a high pot is the right choice. If plant roots beam, they can be grown in almost any type of vessel. Thin roots with equal branches, grow evenly in all directions, so they find almost wherever a space for growing.

     Large, climbing or hanging plants need more stability. That’s why it is better to use a big pot. Moreover, these plants grow well in clay pots.

     So, find out the characteristics of your plant species to choose the perfect pot!!!                                   

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