Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Floor lamps

     Interior floor-lamps are very nice but they are also practical. Nowadays they are so different in design, shape, color… So you can find a perfect one for your room. What I like most in floor lamps is that they individualize a special place and make it warmer by its light.

     You can put it in the corner of the room, discreetly to light a table or near/on both sides of staircases. Floor lamps confer elegance to your home and they are easily moved wherever you want. Its height can vary from one meter to two and materials they are made ​​are very varied: simple or colored glass, wrought iron combined with simple glass or colored, with classic shapes or irregular, abstract, aluminum or polycarbonate etc.

     But the most popular are metal floor-lamps in combination with glass and secondly with fabric.

     Japanese-inspired floor lamps gives the impression of air, vaporous material, most lampshades are handmade and gives an individual character.

     Exclusively glass floor-lamps fit perfectly in room corners or near the bed. They can take the form of triangular or cylinder fitting perfectly in the desired corner. Glass color can be chosen according to your preferences, either opaque or transparent color single or multicolored contrary.

     At office/work place you can use floor lamps with bulbs and adjustable lens to focus the light as you desire. Flexible arms allow maneuverability, and some models allow modification or removal of accessories.

     The bulbs used for these lamps are usually low powered, about 75 V, but also can be used single or phosphorescent neon light airs.

     For your backyard garden it is recommended to use small lanterns-pillar, with rechargeable batteries (from sun).

     Outdoor floor-lamps or lanterns are also very diverse. Barcelona is known for its quirky lanterns, Gaudi style.

   Enjoy more creative floor-lamps:




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