Saturday, July 20, 2013

Proper placement of MIRRORS


     The major effect that a mirror creates is to confer the sensation of space amplification. So, small and boring rooms can become brighter, cooler, more spacious due to strategic positioning of mirrors in our interiors without great expense.

     Mirror represents an essential part in decoration a room. Having a mirror in your room, the image it reflects becomes double. So, as I said, a room seems larger, especially if it is not framed. Also a mirror can reflects a special object emphasizing its presence. Lighting can also be improved through the use of mirrors, they will ensure her reflection.

     Mirrors are functional elements, but also they can be used only as decorative elements. For example when they are placed above fireplace, they always attract the eye. Placing a mirror on the wall represents a combination of style and functionality. Also the furniture gets more fast if they have mirrors mounted on the doors.

     Psychologists recommend to avoid hanging 2 mirrors one directly in front of the other, especially in bedroom. Make sure that mirrors reflect only pleasant things and placed them so as to include many natural landscapes.

     Is it framed or not, decorated with different elements on its surface, square, circular or oval, with wavy edges or chipped, mirror can be placed wherever in your home and it fits any decorative style, from romantic to high-tech.


     A mirror in the hallway on one of the side walls, offers generous space and depth dimensions. Placing mirrors in the entrance hall is the most common method of exploiting its effects. Whether you opt for a large mirror that stretches across the hall, whether you select several small mirrors, decorative, placed side by side, the lobby will become more generous and more inviting.

     Many people prefer using of oval mirrors in the bathroom and I like this decisions. Some people like to place a mirror above their bathtub for water waves to be reflected seductively over the entire room.

     In the kitchen: psychologists say that reflection in the mirror rushes food satiety appearance, and is therefore an aid to women who want to lose weight. It is not recommended to have mirrors in the bedroom. If however there is a mirror in the bedroom, it should not reflect couple's bed.

     The living room is a room where mirrors can be positioned without much hassle. The best position of the mirror is face to face with a window, but only when the image of the exterior of the house is a beautiful natural setting. In this way we bring the beauty of nature in our house.

     Finally I will add that very important is cleaning and frequent washing of mirrors used in home decor. According to the rules of Feng Shui, a clean mirror emits positive energy and a dirty one emits negative energy. Also, do not keep broken mirrors in the house, cracked or chipped, they assimilate and releasing negative energy.

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                                     yours, Doina :)


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    1. Thanks for the share! It is so crazy how just the placement of Wall Mirrors can effect how big a room looks! I am curious though, when putting a mirror in a hallway would you recommend it be at the end or on one of the side walls?

      1. Hi Sammy ! Sorry for a late replay. I recommend you to place a long mirror on the one side wall. But if you really want to put it at the end of hallway (and if your hallway isn't large) you should choose a smaller one (above a Hallway Desk... This is just an opinion ;)