Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Orange dream

     Hi everyone! So, let’s talk more about colors… Imagine the world without bright colors. Isn’t true that it would be dull and boring? Why do people opt for dark shades in their interior design? I think every room should have some colorful elements that revive the atmosphere of entire house. Colors bring personality to it.

     Orange is one of my favorite colors. I like rooms that have some orange objects in it. This color means to me elegance and boldness. If this color means to you the same and you like it you should choose a bold piece of furniture in a striking shade of orange and install it in your room, and you will see how it will refresh the whole atmosphere of the room, will revive its spirit. Or you can put an orange plain rug in front of a white sofa with cushions of the same color to create an impressive effect. So, your room will be transform from a boring, dull in a fun and comfortable one. You can read more information about correct use of this color (and other colors) on one of my previous post http://upgradesigner.blogspot.com/2013/01/room-colors-and-personality.html

     If you want to paint all walls in orange, it is recommended to use this color:

  • in long narrow rooms (like corridors, tunnels, overpasses) to curb distance and solitude;
  • in waiting rooms to create a feeling of closeness and foster communication;
  • in spaces with low temperature to create the feeling of warm.

     Bring nature into your home

     Fruits and vegetables (oranges, pumpkins etc.) can form attractive focal points. Other natural elements of this color are autumn leaves.

     An important fact about this color is that it gives the illusion of space amplification. Also, this amazing color stimulates the brain and the eyes to become more active and creative. Because of this, it is recommended to use it in rooms (places) we want to feel “energized”, for example: office-room, nursery, living etc. For little girl you may associate orange with pink. For boys you may use orange with black, blue or purple.

     But orange should be used sparingly in the interior design, because excess use of this color becomes tiresome. For example you can paint only one wall using orange and to reduce its intensity paint other walls in white.

     Create a tropical atmosphere in your home

     Orange is associated with warm weather and relaxation, so this color can give to decor special warmth. Home accessories such as: orange curtains, orange paint, tropical fabrics, orange cushions will cause you to think of sunny beaches. Moreover, it is recommended to associate orange with yellow to bring such atmosphere in your home.

                    Have a nice day,

                                             Doina :*

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