Thursday, July 18, 2013

Candles making and decoration

     There is no doubt that light bulb transforms night into daylight, but it doesn’t confer a warm, romantic atmosphere. The candle flame is “moving”, I mean it illuminates a room in a very special way, that can’t do anything else.

       Choosing the right candles

     When you want to purchase a candle you should pay attention to thickness of the wick, it is a very important criterion (compare it with the diameter of the candle) for the wax to melt completely but no fast.

     Candles became available in a broad array of sizes, shapes and colors, and consumer interest in scented candles began to grow. This helps us to choose more easily those candles that will fit the style of your home, so you can customize the candles in perfect harmony with your room. Moreover, there are candles that when they melt you discovered some incredible pieces of art, small statues (such kind of candles is called “Art Candles”).

Candles holders are another important element that brings “life” to a candle.


     It is recommended to place candles together (closer to one another).You may place them on windowsill, to light a corner of the room or a wall.

     Candles should be protected from the current.

     They should be placed on a refractory support.

     Keep distance from the wall and objects that burn easily. Also never let a candle unattended.

       How to make a candle?

     The components of a candle are readily available commercially. These are available from craft shops. Making your own colored, scented candles is really quick and simple. So, as I said, pay attention to wick thickness (thick wick > thick candle, thin wick > thin candle). You can find wax in the form of granules or gel, but also you can reuse old candles. In candle-making process you should use a pot you do not need, where the wax will melt. The wax melts at 50-60 degrees.

     The wick is placed in the center of the container with the desired shape. Then pour the melted wax over it. After the wax becomes solid, you could heat a little vessel walls so that the candle come out easily.

! If you want a scented candle you could pour in melted wax few drops of scented oil and mix the contents.


Moreover, there are candles and candlesticks that belong to a particular style. For example:

1. Baroque

2. Retro


3. Minimalism



4. Rustic



5. Scandinavian


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  1. These candles look like so much fun. My granddaughters are coming over this weekend and I want to plan a really fun activity for them. I bet they would really enjoy making decorative candles.

    Susan Hirst |