Friday, May 2, 2014

19 objects that will cheer up your guests

       Day by day we are surrounded by usual boring objects, and this stuff doesn't even have an impact on our mood. Why not to change your ordinary home accessories with some funniest things. They are practical and at the same time will improve the mood of your family and guests.

        Creative objects that will bring more play and lightness into your every day life:

1. These bottle openers and stoper


2. Funny spices holders


3. This plate


4. Funny knives holder


5. These glasses


6. And creative cups


7. This towel hanger


8. Creative towel design


9. Toothpaste heads


10. Water stopper


11. Unusual toilet paper holder


12. Funny pillows

20 extremely creative pillows you can make by yourself


13. This funny giraffe blanket


14. Maze door chain lock


15. Funny human clock


16. Lamp-hat


17. This doormat


18. Personalized flowerpot


19. Toilet seat


  1. would be great to know who makes these/how to get!

    1. Unfortunately I don't know :( But I would also like to know how to get them. If someone knows, please let me know too!