Thursday, May 8, 2014

11 FORMIDABLE Bathroom Decorating Ideas

Bathroom Decorating Ideas    

    1.  Paint the radiator. Use a bright color to catch any eyes.

    Design - Colored radiator


    2.  Insert potted plants. I thing bathroom is a good place for plants (if only there is a window of course).

    creative beverly drive vintage bathroom decoration with inspirational tone


    3.   Paint the bathtub. Just make sure the paint is resistant to heat.

    Claw foot Bathtub in Bright Red brings together the modern and the vintage


    4.  Use ribbon knots instead of shower curtain rings.

    shower curtain rings


    5.  Use vintage style canopy instead of shower curtains for your bathtub.

    canopy bathtoob


    6. Use a rubber mat. There are no doubts that a fluffy fur looks really great in bathrooms. But is it functional? Just imagine how much moisture it absorbs during you bath. Silk, wool and jute style rugs can be used in a bathroom if the proper care is taken. If these rugs are not properly well dried out they can even affect our health. Just imagine how many microbes are there if you don’t give it enough care.

     Another disadvantage is that a natural fiber rug can slip more easily than a rubber one.

    natural cork bath mat


    7.  Or use this ocean stone bath mat.

ocean stone bath mat


    8.  Excellent lighting and décor makes all the difference.

bathroom candles


    9.  Use vintage suitcase as a cabinet.

        bathroom decor ideas vintage suitcase


   10. A bench is an excellent and useful piece of furniture.

    Design - modern bathroom bench


   11.  Hang your towels on a rustic ladder.

    wooden ladder modern interior decorating ideas rustic style bathroom


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